The Crowned Heads Yellow Rose cigar is the third state exclusive released by the company, putting Texas in the spotlight this time around. It’s named after the iconic marching song played by the Texas Brigade during the American Civil War and remains an important piece of music history in the state. This blend follows two other states to get the special treatment, including Hawaii (the Paniolo Especial) and Tennessee (the Tennessee Waltz). The blend is the same though it comes in a new vitola and is packaged a bit differently.

When people think of Texas, they think tough, and the Crowned Heads Yellow Rose cigar is just one tough looking stick. It’s rolled with a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, a Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan fillers, and it’s rough. The wrapper is the color of hot chocolate and has some noticeable tooth and veins. Rustic and weathered would be the adjectives of choice, and there is no band. Instead, it is finished off with a small piece of yellow ribbon around the foot, so the appearance is minimalistic and spartan. It is only available in a single format, a 6 1/4 x 54 box-pressed Torpedo.

The cold draw on the stogie brings out an interesting mix of developed flavors, including apple, chocolate, graham cracker and wood. Once the stogie is fired up, the profile doesn’t perfectly line up with the cold draw, but there are some similarities. The wood flavor does make the jump, but it’s a combination of clean, sweet and tart flavors that provide the most interesting interplay. There is, however, some cocoa and spice as well though they remain secondary to the opposed tart and sweet.

In the second third of the Crowned Heads Yellow Rose cigar, the flavor sorts itself out in a way and adds some subtle layers. The wood flavor is much more aromatic and takes on a smoky quality, giving it the taste of a campfire. The cocoa is still present as well and increased in strength during the middle third. The other primary note is peanuts, and it is right between dominant and secondary in intensity. One reviewer also detected a taste of Moscato in the background, which added another burst of sweetness.

As the final third takes hold, the sweetness drops out, along with the peanuts. The wood flavor transitions to a cedar note and becomes a touch spicy. The cocoa, though fainter, is still present in the background and offers a balance to the punchy wood flavor.

Though it tends toward the sweet, the Crowned Heads Yellow Rose cigar is a medium stogie that can try a smoker of any experience level. Of course, those aficionados will have to hoof it to the Lone Star State if they want to have a go at it.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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