The Crowned Head JD Howard Reserve Cigar Steals Attention with Its QualityThe infamous outlaw Jesse James inspired the third core product in the Nashville-based Crowned Heads lineup – the JD Howard Reserve cigar, which was recently released in late July, 2013.


Word is that the company’s co-founder, Jon Huber, woke up at 3:37 a.m. one morning with the idea for a new product line coursing through his head. Huber is said to have initially called the new endeavor Project 337, after his early morning wake-up call. That was until he found inspiration in the story of bank and train robber Jesse James, who briefly lived in Nashville in the 1870’s under the name J.D. Howard.


While the notorious Jesse James may have stimulated the idea for the line’s name, the band and packaging contain no gimmicky or gaudy elements. Instead, the band is designed in sleek and classic fashion, with the gold-embossed letters JDH entwined on a maroon background.


This stogie is made by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo and rolled at the Tabacalera La ALianza factory in the Dominican Republic. It features Nicaraguan filler hugged by Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. It comes in five cylindrical corona-type shapes and sizes:

  • HR46: 6x46

  • HR48: 5x48

  • HR50: 5½x50

  • HR52: 6x52

  • HR54: 5x54

As is the case with most of the cigars produced by this brand, Crowned Heads JD Howard Reserve cigar smokers comment on the exceptional quality of the draw. Some reviewers describe the initial notes upon lighting this smoke pleasantly reminiscent of meat or beef jerky, mixed with a “tangy note of wood,” followed by spice and peppery flavors. The first-third is also said to be permeated with cedar aromas, and a little later, “a dry chalk comes into the equation.”


During the second-third of the smoking experience, connoisseurs say they detect an increase in spicy and more developed chocolate notes. Some say they also experienced a slight but startling sour note that progressively grew in intensity. The final third reportedly brings out “warm undertones of coffee with supporting notes of earth” or alternatively, starts to subdue in terms of flavor complexity and spiciness.


Described as mild to medium in strength and remarkably smooth, the Crowned Heads JD Howard Reserve cigar is said to fall right in between the brand’s other two signature lines, the Headley Grange and the Four Kicks, in terms of intensity. Otherwise, reviewers say the Crowned Heads JD Howard Reserve cigar stands on its own as a completely unique and independent line that – aside from parentage -- has very little, if anything, in common with its older siblings.


Another aspect reviewers agree upon is the stogie’s ash, an indicator of the quality of filler and workmanship. Smokers report that the Crowned Heads JD Howard Reserve cigar features a fantastic ash density and burn line throughout. One consumer notes he managed to stand the cigar upside down on its ashes, while another said there was no need for a touchup throughout the entire smoking experience.


This cigar has certainly captured the attention of connoisseurs, and especially those with an affinity for Crowned Heads creations. True to Huber’s intentions, this smoke doesn’t stand out through marketing ploys or packaging design. Instead, it sets itself apart through quality and richness of flavor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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