Crowned Heads Hadley Grange CigarsCrowned Heads Headley Grange cigars are the second effort from the esteemed crew who released the Four Kicks product back in 2010. The company prides itself on quality over quantity, and their most current iteration certainly follows in that virtue. The genesis of this particular stogie stemmed from the desire to craft a product that embodied a popular Led Zeppelin song’s intro – bold and eerie almost.

Most reviews remark that the packaging is somewhat traditional and not quite as ominous as the product it contains. The box is Cuban-influenced and made of a thin wood. It’s adorned with the crest logo of the Crowned Heads Headley Grange cigars, with gold laced linings and the classic H and G lettering. Also subtle is the band that accompanies the product, as it has a simple black background and unusual font style. It’s a lighter brown and maintains this color throughout. The product is Ecuadorian, and contains a small number of veins, though most reviewers comment that this doesn’t aggravate the smoke at all. When it comes to the oil prevalent on the wrapper, it’s on the lighter side, though it allows the wrapper to shine a bit.

Most have remarked that the Crowned Heads Headley Grange cigars have a somewhat unusual body, with a slightly different box press, giving it a more round shape. This allows the product to feel great in the hand with a little weight to it. The build also compliments this, with the construction considered top-notch in a world of flimsy and uneven products.

The first third of the stick has been described as having one of the longest holding ashes of recent memory, with almost two full inches hanging on before giving out. The draw is equally impressive to most, with the majority complimenting its smooth nature. The flavor profile of this section of the stick evokes spicy and wood flavors, along with a healthy tobacco taste. This stogie has been commonly described as complex in its flavor profiles, with some being more subtle and harder to identify than other comparable products.

The second third of the Crowned Heads Headley Grange cigars is where commenters have reached a consensus on its flavor. Though it continues much of the same tastes that lingered in the first third, the complexity of those flavors grow, and bring earthy tones to the mix. The tobacco flavors that were present in the cold draw continue, along with the woody notes. The final third of the stick dials back the intensity, and continues all the way to the nub. The spice of the second third lingers as well, making the smoke a cohesive and enjoyable one.

Most reviewers consider the Crowned Heads Headley Grange cigars a medium to full-bodied stick. While most reviewers agree that the second third is where the flavor explodes, this stick is usually described as medium-bodied that evolves into a full-bodied before fading a bit at the end in strength. This complexity is the attribute that most consider to be the differentiating factor to other similar sticks.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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