Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer Smokers should compare electronic cigarettes prior to purchasing the one that will meet their needs. While this device is not new, the trend of utilizing this alternative is increasing in popularity. There are numerous manufacturers of these smokes and yet they differ from model to model. When it comes time to compare electronic cigarettes, aspects such as should be considered.

Frequently referred to as e-cigs, the apparatus dates back to the early 1960s, but it wasn’t until 2000 when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik modernized the idea. His model created a vapor similar to smoke that carries nicotine into the lungs when inhaled. When a consumer decides to compare electronic cigarettes, smokers will find that the key parts of the device are universal. The three main pieces include the mouthpiece cartridge for the liquid, an atomizer and the rechargeable battery.

Before determining the ideal brand and model, it is important to compare electronic cigarettes and their features, in addition to any personal preferences that may impact the selection. There are many companies that produce these, including Elektro, Fifty-One, Krave, Ploom, Square 82, and the well known Vapor Gen. Taking a closer look at each of these will provide an excellent starting point in the selection process.

Elektro aims to produce high quality, tobacco-free devices at a competitive, yet affordable price. One review of the Elektro described it as stylish and versatile. They favored the consistent taste, ability to fill with a rubber dripper, and its conventional size and feel.

• The Fifty One E Cigarette has been described as original and ground-breaking. It is said to look similar to a conventional smoke, yet with a bit wider and longer body. Described as simple and reliable, the taste is comparable to the real deal. They offer numerous concentrations of nicotine and flavors such as coffee and methanol.

Krave is a popular two part, disposable tool, with effortless assembly. It has a four-hole atomizer, is easy to use, and is said to be quite flavorful. The lack of automatic shut-off allowed for it to be enjoyed for longer periods of time.

Ploom is an innovative company with a modernized approach of employing the vaporization plant materials. One review praised the incessant and smooth taste, ideal battery style, and add-on options such as the USB charging adaptor.

The Square 82 electronic smoke is favored for their long lifespan. They endure over 500 puffs which is the same as two packs of their traditional counterpart. They are affordable and readily available both online and via widespread retailers. Reviewers agree this smoke offers clean and full-bodied vapor with an abundant flavor.

• The Generic E Cig produced solely for Serious is a two part apparatus that is said to perform well. Its operation and price are comparable to conventional smokes as well as other models.

• Vapor Gen is a top manufacturer of numerous models such as the previously mentioned Fifty-One and Krave as well as Smoke Star and Americig. Their personal smokes are rechargeable and are said to be an ideal means for smoking in any environment.

With so many options on the market it is imperative to compare electronic cigarettes to determine their compatibility with the smoker. From the Generic to the ever popular Vapor Gen, this modern alternative provides a much better experience for smokers.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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