CLE Eiroa Cigars are the personal favorites of Christian Eiroa himself.The CLE Eiroa cigars are a major step forward for Christian Eiroa’s Fabricas Unidas. This cigar is being pushed as a premium stogie and personal favorite of Christian himself. It is also one of the few full-bodied sticks the company has put out in its history. Christian has stated that the fuller blends correspond to the introduction of a new factory. In his opinion, this blend gets back to his family’s roots, which have been planted in the tobacco industry for nearly 100 years.


This stick is a Honduran puro, so the wrapper, binder, and fillers are all from Honduras. The CLE Eiroa cigars are available in four vitolas, including Presnado (4 x 48), Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 54), and 660 (6 x 60). The wrapper is medium brown and is extremely silky in appearance. There is a little oil, and closer inspection reveals the paper is marbled with some dark streaks. There is some veining, though the seams are well presented. The band is a simple black, gold, and red stamp with the name of the cigar in gold lettering on a red background. Around the name is the old Spanish quip “Salud, Amor y Pesatas.” This translates to “health, love, and money,” the three things the Gallegos (people who dwelled in North Spain) believed were the secret to happiness.


The pre-light draw consists of pepper, natural tobacco, and cinnamon notes. The first third of the CLE Eiroa cigars brings some of these flavors out more. The pepper and tobacco flavors are the first to emerge after lighting. Some aficionados found the tobacco notes to be sweeter than normal, giving it a unique taste not found anywhere else. About an inch in, the pepper morphs into a milder spice that takes on many flavors. Eventually, the spice settles into a baker’s spice taste, remaining dominant with the tobacco. The retrohale still produces strong pepper notes.


In the second-third of the stogie, some creamy notes fill out the background. Before long, it shifts to the forefront, changing the profile of the stick to a sweet one. By the end of the second-third, the cream flavor is the dominant taste, though the baker’s spice, pepper, and tobacco are still present in the background and on the retrohale. Some reviewers also tasted some extra sugary sweetness that coupled with the cream to produce and even sweeter taste.


During the final third of the CLE Eiroa cigars, the cream fades into the background while the baker’s spice becomes the new lead role. The pepper is still present on the retrohale, and the tobacco flavors remain noticeable as a secondary note. The stogie finishes in this way without harshness.

The CLE Eiroa cigars are medium to full in body and strength, so they aren’t quite the nicotine bomb one would expect from a full-bodied stick. Still, its combination of developed and balanced flavors and its strong construction makes it a smart choice for aficionados and enthusiasts alike. Even smokers that don’t normally appreciate Honduran tobacco will likely find something here to appreciate, because it doesn’t taste like any other Honduran puro on the market.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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