After months of anticipation, two new lines by CLE Cigars have finally arrived on the market this summer. The product release targeted for June/July 2013 coincides with the opening of the Aladino Cigar Factory in Honduras, where both new lines – the EIROA and CLE PLUS -- are produced.

CLE Cigars founder Christian Luis Eiroa was practically raised around cigars from the cradle. His father, Julio Eiroa, was the patriarch of the Camacho Cigars, as was his father before him. Eiroa Sr. made his mark as the world’s largest Candela tobacco farmer of his time. But junior’s introduction to the family business was far from smooth. In fact, the rebellious Christian Eiroa became involved in the company nearly by default, after a finance company he was working for was sold and he agreed to absolving a short stint of employment at his father’s company.

Reluctant to be known merely as his father’s son, Eiroa nevertheless found the business enjoyable. Eiroa entered the company at a time when tobacco was difficult to procure, but the young Honduran-born man rose to the challenge of producing supply by travelling the world in search of quality product. Young Eiroa soon took over the family’s Caribe Imported Cigars business in Miami.

After learning the ropes and advancing in the family business, Christian Eiroa struck out on his own in 2012. Camacho had been sold to Davidoff four years earlier, and in the first half of 2012, Christian Eiroa announced he would launch his own business with the formation of CLE Cigars.

One of Christian Eiroa’s first products was the Cuarenta, named so in honor of Christian Eiroa’s then-upcoming 40th birthday. Other early lines include the Corojo and the Connecticut. Christian Eiroa’s new venture stands under the umbrella of Fabricas Unidas, which presents itself as the parent company to Eiroa’s CLE Cigars. Eiroa’s now one-year-old company stands side by side with renowned industry names such as Asylum, Wynwood and Edgar Hoill.

The Cuarenta is without a doubt the signature product of Eiroa’s CLE Cigars series. Described by reviewers as “tasty” and “mellow yet bursting with character,” the Cuarenta features a Habano-seed wrapper encasing a flavor-rich blend of aged Honduran longfillers. Notes of cedar and earth intermingle with the aromas of spice and coffee, creating a medium-bodied stogie aficionados label as complex yet silky smooth from beginning to end.

The Cuarenta’s brother, the Corojo, is also a Honduran blend and similarly described in most favorable terms. Another medium-bodied blend, the Corojo is said to be “teeming with hearty nuances” of zesty, warm flavors such as pepper, wood, earth and espresso. Reviewers say the stick burns evenly throughout and delights with a smooth vanilla finish.

The third blend in the series is the Connecticut. It differs from the Corojo and Cuarenta in its wrapper origin, which is made of Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade leaves. The filler and binder are still Honduran, but unlike the other two blends, this one is labeled as full-bodied and full-flavored. The foot is said to surprise with scents of nutmeg, earth, wood and grass. Reviewers further describe the smoking experience as rich, creamy and cool, enriched by nutty and peppery notes enhanced with a trace of sweetness.

If history is an indicator at all, the new EIROA and CLE PLUS brands can be expected to please.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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