Businesses and companies all over the globe offer unique corporate gifts to their business clients and guests. This is a common courtesy that is extended as a token of appreciation and this has been the practice for a long time. Perhaps it goes without saying that this is also an excellent opportunity for a company to gain some brand recognition by opting for items that can have the company logo and name printed on them. Of course, there are many types of items that can be given as a token but none has as much appeal as a cigar sampler pack.

There are many types of cigars on the market today: from those that are mild and easily enjoyed by even those who have never smoked one to the extremely bold and full flavored smokes that tend to pack a lot of strength into one wrapper and all strengths in between. Complimentary boxes can be given as unique corporate gifts. Different flavor profiles can be explored and offered as samplers often include different types of flavors.

There are many other complementary items that can be included in cigar-themed unique corporate gifts. Cigar cutters are a must for those who enjoy a good smoke. There are many types of lighters that are available as well. Travel-sized humidors are perfect for carrying favorite smokes around when on a business or leisure trip. Ashtrays that range from utilitarian to works of art are another great choice. Cigar tubes and holders are also quite handy to a connoisseur that might want to save partially smoked stick that they have not finished. Some packages include wooden match sticks. Since cigar smoking and the sport of golf go hand in hand, another fantastic idea is to include golf markers. These are all perfect additions to any basket that can be part of a presentation given at a meeting or convention.

Coffee mugs, shot glasses and wine glasses are excellent additions to a gift package that will be distributed as unique corporate gifts. Another addition that might be appreciated would be breath mints and effusion fragrance lamps that actually remove the strong odor often associated with smoking. These are particularly appreciated by smokers who live with non-smokers.

Sometimes a really personal touch is to add a flask to a package that will be presented as unique corporate gifts. Many people like to pour a shot of their favorite alcoholic beverage while enjoying their favorite smoke. This would give them a way to take a few shots of their favorite liquor with them wherever they might go. These items can be as individualized as a company wants to make them. Many items can be customized with the company’s name inscribed upon them, or personalized for that one of a kind sampler.

There are many connoisseurs today that enjoy a delicious beverage and their favorite cigar. This is their time to unwind and relax as the stress of the day melts away. This is a very thoughtful presentation for clients and business associates that will be much appreciated.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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