Daniel Marshall HumidorCigars and humidors are almost synonymous with each other. If you have one, you are most likely already the owner of the other. Why do cigars and humidors go together? Well, if you have a love of cigars and plan on spending some serious money on them, you are going to want to preserve that investment.

Many cigars that are purchased are not for immediate enjoyment. They are carefully placed inside a well kept humidor. Cigars and humidors actually help take care of each other. This may sound elementary, but here is a reason why. The humidor is made specifically for the cigar. The humidors purpose and construction is solely to house cigars and nothing else. It helps keep the proper amount of moisture and relative humidity needed to keep your cigar in pristine condition. Many cigars that are enjoyed are manufactured in humid climates. Placing the cigar inside the humidor helps it maintain the same moisture in the tobacco that the tobacco leaves were grown in. Some cigars are made in drier climates. If you are a cigar enthusiast, then you may have a variety of both. In that case, you may think about having two humidors. Maintaining the right humidity is crucial in protecting the integrity of your cigars.

Speaking of humidity, what is the best relative humidity for your humidor? Most would say that an average of 70% relative humidity in a properly sealed humidor is the right amount. However, with cigars that are rolled in a drier climate, you may want the humidity to be anywhere from 60% to 65%. The tried and true way to know what you and the cigar prefer in regards to humidity is to take a stogie out and smoke it. You will quickly learn what your preference is.

In regards to cigars and humidors, many people have their own opinions as to which are the best. If you are a novice to the cigar community, welcome. Learning what you prefer in cigars can be just that, a learning experience. Talking with people at your local cigar shop or joining some online cigar blogs can help you narrow down which cigars you would prefer most. You may have a liking to cigars with more floral notes, or ones that have an earthier flavor. Cigar aficionados can help steer you in the right direction. As for humidors, there are just as many choices for them as there are for cigars. Besides the aesthetics of the box, there are some key points to keep in mind while you search for the right one for you. The humidor must have a good set of hinges. This may sound trivial, but you do not want the door to slam shut. When you close it, it should make a whooshing sound. This will show you that it has a good seal. That is the second most important part. You also want to have the proper lining. Spanish cedar is one of the best woods to have for the lining. This cedar does not warp or alter the taste of the cigar over time. Another point to consider is how big of a humidor you’d like to use. If you are really enjoying cigar smoking, then you should double the cigar count you currently have and use that as your starting point. This will at least give you an estimate as to where you should be looking, size wise, for a humidor.

As much as cigars and humidors can be an expensive venture, it is one that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Treat your cigars well by keeping them nicely in their humidor and they will give a pleasurable smoke every time.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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