Prometheus Torch LighterThe many benefits and uses of a torch lighter will have you sold the minute you get your hands on one. While a substantial amount of smokers believe a simple disposable lighter is all they need, the choices available among these butane lighters set them apart from their cheaper counterparts. Whether you obtain a simple model or a more stylish torch lighter, you will find them to be an indispensable part of your smoking needs. In addition, they will come in use at the family BBQ, or even when lighting a campfire, providing a flawless light time and time again.

The lighter concept was born back in 1816 by Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner . His hydrogen-fueled model was just the beginning of a long evolving process for what we now view as a smoking necessity. The lighter did not initially take off and was considered to be just an extravagance for quite some time. As time passed, the improvements on the lighter continued until the development of Piezoelectricity in the 1950’s. This invention used electricity to produce a spark, which ultimately ignited a flame in the lighter with the push of a button. The torch lighter was a result of this advancement, and it has helped lighters in general become more affordable and widely used among a majority of smokers.

These lighters are unique, butane-fueled lighters that come in many sizes and styles. They range from uniquely shaped novelty lighters to a more sophisticated and simple design. All make a statement of your personal preferences. They are available with single, double, and triple wind resistant flames. While a single flame is plenty for igniting a cigarette, the double or triple provide enough heat to evenly light a cigar or pipe. All size options ensure quick, solid coverage of your cigar of choice. The butane is odor and flavor free, guaranteeing that no unwanted flavors will be added to your cigar.

There are a number of added features available in a torch lighter. A majority of those on the market have a cigar punch built in to contribute to the ease of use. Many include flip top lids for added safety precautions. This feature is tremendously helpful in windy weather conditions. These lighters are more natural in the hand as many have been designed to be more ergonomically sound than previous types. Another option that can be found is that of an adjustable flame, which allows the height to be changed depending on your  needs. The flames themselves are available in various colors, further showing your personal taste.

A substantial benefit of owning this type of lighter is that they are refillable. The process is made rather effortless with the compatibility of the butane canister and the lighter itself. When the fuel runs out you can then refill with your desired grade of butane. Higher levels of butane can increase the performance of a high quality lighter. Having the ability to refill is a more inexpensive option compared to purchasing a new lighter every time you run dry. In addition, it allows you to enjoy the same lighter for many years to come.

Finding just the right torch lighter to add to your smoking ensemble will prove to be invaluable for your smoking enjoyment. Whether you are a casual smoker or a collector of such smoking accessories, Serious Cigars has a wide array of lighters to choose from.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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