Trendy Wedding Gift Baskets of Cigars for GroomsmenWedding gift baskets that are geared towards men are designed to offer an option for grooms to give to their groomsmen. It is custom to show appreciation for all of the members of the wedding party. The options of gifts for the brides to give their bridesmaids seem much more open and extensive. What types of items exemplify manliness? What takes men back to their bachelor days? For many men, the answer to this question is cigars.

Start a Trend: Give Groomsmen Wedding Gift Baskets of Celebratory Cigars!

Cigar themed wedding gift baskets can be a lot of fun and much appreciated, even for nonsmokers. It is not uncommon to see a groom-to-be or new dad pass out cigars to initiate the celebrated occasion. Even in these cases, traditional nonsmokers will light up a cigar for the special event. Since inexperienced smokers may be the recipients of these gifts, incorporated into the basket should be accessories that make smoking a cigar an enjoyable experience.

Fill Them with Fun and Useful Items!

So what type of items would be good to put into wedding gift baskets with a cigar theme? The first item would be a selection of cigars. Mild to medium body smokes and maybe a full body smoke to round out the range. In this way the basket can be customized for each person, particularly if one of the men is an avid cigar smoker. It would be preferred if the cigars were kept in a box to help keep the cigars fresh. That can be a key part of the basket. A good cigar cutter is handy to have in order to properly prepare a cigar before smoking. A lighter is also a nice accessory, and it can be engraved with the groomsman’s initials. An ashtray would be appropriate, as would the cigar minder. The cigar minder would be a great addition if the bachelor party involved playing a round of golf.


This gift of appreciation can be given during a bachelor party so that the men can enjoy their cigars throughout the day or evening events. On the day of the ceremony, the groom and groomsmen can toast to the day with an inaugural lighting. When a day as special as a wedding occurs, it is cause for celebration, and for many grooms that means sharing one of their favorite cigars with his groomsmen.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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