Cigar HumidorA cigar humidor is by far the best form of cigar storage.  It is a climate controlling box whose interior is lined with Spanish cedar.  The word “Spanish” has nothing to do with Spain, but rather with the smell the cedar imparts to cigars, and the contribution to taste that it also makes. 

The cedar in a cigar humidor, along with the humidifier that operates within it, maintains the necessary temperature and humidity levels that keep the cigars from drying out.  This is so important.  A dry cigar tends to burn very quickly and will taste bitter.  By contrast, a cigar that is too moist will not stay lit. 

Now please understand, while a humidor is the best method of cigar storage, it is by no means the only method.  We recommend that everyone use a humidor ultimately for long-term storage purposes. 

However, the need to devise a temporary means of storing cigars may be necessary, and there are three viable options you can consider if you choose to go this route.  They are, respectively, "Tupperdors", "Igloodors", and "Fridgadors."

Tupperdor are made out of the same plastic, resealable food containers that you use for cigar storage.  Any Tupperware™ brand name or similar plastic container product will do.  If you really want to be Spartan about the container cost, go to the dollar store and pick up a whole package of these things for a buck.   

All you need after that is a humidifier.  Ask your retailer which one will work best for your tupperdor cigar storage system. To lend that Spanish cedar smell to your Tupperdor, take out the separator sheets that come in cigar boxes and use them as dividers or lining in your container. 

If you do not have a humidifier, and only need to store your cigars for a few days, you can use a damp cloth or sponge.  However, never do this method for premium cigar storage, and always keep any container of any kind in a cool, dry place, humidifier or no. 

You can also use a large ice cooler like those you see workers carry to the jobsite to make a Coolerdor for cigar storage.  While we do not recommend that you store individual cigars in a Coolerdor, you can use them to store multiple cigar boxes.  Just like Tupperdors, they also can be lined or divided with Spanish cedar. 

A humidifier is needed in this setup

For alternative cigar storage, however, nothing quite matches a Fridgador.  This is made by using an unplugged refrigerator or freezer to store large quantities of cigars, similar to the way a cabinet humidor works.  You may need an active humidifier to make this work in order to have absolutely control over the relative humidity.

Having a cigar storage system with shelves allows you to stack entire boxes of cigars.  This is great if you entertain a great deal at your home or pass out cigars a lot at your business to your clients.

 As ingenious as these methods of cigar storage are, they have two drawbacks.

The first drawback is that they all have plastic walls that do not buffer relative humidity the way a real humidor does.  This is why it is so important not overcharge your humidifier, and why you also need to   be on the lookout for mold. 

The second drawback to alternative cigar storage is the way that gases like ammonia get trapped in the interior of the container.  You need to open them up to fresh air at least once a month---or better yet, buy a humidor

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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