Cigar smokers often choose to buy cigars online blending new technology with a time-honored tradition. However, the quality and price of the stogies may come in to question as more tobacconists decide that selling a product via the internet brings in more revenue. How can the purchaser insure the best quality or the best price?

There are many advantages when someone wants to buy cigars online. Investigating those benefits usually puts a potential shopper’s mind at ease.

Price – Heading to a local tobacconist’s storefront introduces someone to two possible choices in prices. However, the internet introduces a vast market of possibilities. Cheaper prices are available than may be found in a local storefront.

Quantity – Many local storefronts are limited to the quantities of stogies offered to the public because of their storage capabilities. The internet helps guarantee that a choice stick is available at any given time. In addition, an internet store may carry quantities of a favorite cigar not readily available in a local marketplace.

Availability – A local tobacconist may only have a limited supply. Maybe the local shop has sold out of those 601 Cubao stogies, or the next great A.J Fernandez is not available. By turning to the internet, the customer has a multitude of possible tobacconists capable of providing their stick of choice regardless of the fluctuating marketplace.

Quality – As the customer decides to buy cigars online, the issue of quality arises. The internet provides a varying degree of qualities, but shopping a local tobacconist offers the same challenges. Quality will depend on the class of the selling company. In addition, the climate of the storefront and storage will decide the exact quality of the stick.

Delivery – A local storefront will have stock on hand to offer to the customer immediately. Usually, ordering from an internet storefront means waiting a period of time for them to arrive on the doorstep. Usually, an order is processed and shipped immediately allowing the purchaser to receive that awaited package quickly. Special care must be taken to insure quality is not compromised during shipping of the order.

Does a company need to take special precautions to guarantee quality? The quality of a stogie is usually going to depend on the environmental control of the potential company. A specific type of climate control is necessary, and that may vary from one brand to the next. Humidors are utilized by tobacconists to guarantee appropriate quality of the stick. Manufacturers will ship these, and it is the storefronts responsibility to insure a continuance in climate from manufacturer to storefront. An alteration in the climate can negatively impact any stick, and that means as a consumer decides to buy cigars online, investigation is required to insure better quality.

There are numerous advantages to making any purchase via the internet. As a customer chooses to buy cigars online, they are introduced to new possibilities that may require that specific precautions are in place to guarantee a better experience with each stogie. Quality and delivery are vital aspects of insuring a better purchase. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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