Cohiba Sampler PacksThe “cigar boom” began in the late 1990's and has continued to skyrocket in knowledge today, and it was for this reason the cigar sampler was born. Many experienced smokers were deficient in the knowledge of this world, but they absolutely fell in love with smoking cigars. It was during this time that the seed was planted for a cigar sampler that had a great variety of flavors and strengths, for seasoned and novice smokers alike.

It is important for a newcomer to experience the many different types and brands that this indulgent industry has to offer. It is a beautiful thing for one to discover their love for the various flavors and aromas from the delicious little sticks. Most cigar shops have employed this idea for the samplers, and it has been a huge hit with aficionados everywhere. The best of shops have promoted the sampler packs with the most popular premium quality brands inside. There is a smoke in these packs for every occasion that you could possibly think of, and they are very handy and convenient, which is a big plus for anyone. Online cigar shops have incorporated this near legend idea, and it has swept the nation with its popularity, because these can be delivered to your very own home or business for a very affordable price, allowing you to indulge in many different experiences in one box. Talk about convenience, and that is exactly what so many consumers want in this day and age.

These cigar samplers come in a variety of sizes such as packages of 3, 5, 8, and 14 in most shops and online stores. These handy packs are simply bursting with choices for anyone that has developed a level of appreciation for smoking. The opportunities are endless with these handy packages because there is a mixture of light, medium, and full-bodied flavors with many different wrappers involved. With their high quality at your fingertips, in your humidor, or nestled in a cigar tube, you will have the luxury of convenience and variety awaiting you. This is a smokers dream.

There are contrasting and distinct histories imbedded in each cigar that is represented in the samplers. Be assured that high-quality premium sticks are the only ones that are included in these cigar samplers. With most of these smokes, they are made from Nicaraguan and Dominican created sticks, and you can enjoy the robust and full flavors of spice, or you can have a light, mellow caramel note to start your day with. With these packages, anything is seemingly possible. They make for a delightful addition to any type of day. All you need is a bit of time and the right atmosphere to fully enjoy your stick of choice.

A cigar sampler is especially exciting to give for a special occasion, along with a special humidor or holder. This gift selection will certainly receive raves and kudos for days, possibly even weeks among those that will truly appreciate such a gesture. They come at an affordable price that won't suffocate your pocketbook. Instead, it will entice the connoisseur and invite them into a beautiful interlude of joy.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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