Punch cutters are one of several options you have when you want to prepare your cigar for smoking. Each cigar has a cap that needs to be cut off. It is important to use the proper tool so you don’t cause any damage to the filler or the wrapper. If you cut the cigar carelessly, the entire wrapper may come apart, leaving you with a highly unsatisfactory smoking experience. There are cigar scissors, cutters, and cigar punch cutters assist you in removing the cap properly. Some of them are often found on the end of key chains, which can make it a lot more convenient to try to keep track of them. It’s nice to know that your handy tool is with you whenever the occasion to indulge in your favorite smoke arises. Other choices are not attached to a key ring, so you’ll have to keep a little closer track of them, but if you keep them near your humidor, you should still have them handy when you need it. There are several styles of the same basic types of cutting options. You can get them in the following styles: bullet style, multi quadra style, and the Havana style.

To use the bullet style punch cutters, you must first remove the lid in preparation for using it. You then insert the tool into the cigar using a twisting motion to insert it as deep as you would like the hole created. When you remove it from the cigar, the hole will be made, and you can then release the extra left in the tool. The multi tool is one that encompasses several sizes in a single apparatus. This way you only need a single tool for all different sizes of holes for the cap. You can decide if you will want or need this type, or if a single bullet punch will be all you need, especially if you always smoke the same type of cigars. The third type of punch cutters are the Havana style. These have a retractable blade which you extend, and then it is used pretty similarly to the bullet type. You use the twisting motion for insertion and removal, and then the little bit of tobacco left inside the tool can be removed when you retract the blade.

Whichever style you prefer, they are likely available in a number of various shapes and sizes. You can decide if the key chain style is preferable, so you can attach it to your key ring or something else that is handy. If you would prefer one without a ring attached, there will be many different styles to choose from. Whichever punch cutters you prefer, you should be able to find them at your local cigar shop. If there’s something in particular you have in mind, be sure to talk with the shop to see if they can help facilitate your purchases. Even if it isn’t something the shop regularly carries, they may be able to make a special order for you. These tools are important for keeping the integrity of your favorite cigar.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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