Cigar lounges continue to rise in popularity as more cities like Houston pass laws that ban smoking in public places like restaurants and bars.  The advantage that a cigar lounge offers the aficionado is a legally designated place to smoke in an environment made exclusively for cigar lovers.


Many of cigar lounges serve only coffee, while others have liquor licenses that will allow you to enjoy a nice scotch or whiskey with your cigar.  Some affiliate themselves only with specific cigar brands and manufacturers.  Others are independent and promote brands of all kinds of cigars.


Cigars lounges can be very formal all the way up to extremely upscale.  It really all depends upon the mood of the owner and the personal preferences of the clientele.  The décor of a cigar lounge typically establishes its level of formality.  Some have very fine art, and very expensive furnishings.  Many have elaborate lighting systems that establish mood and ambience.  Music of various genres is also played to help set a mood or establish a historical, period theme.


Regardless of their level of formality, there is always one thing that cigar lounges have in common: they make cigar smokers feel welcome. 


Cigar lounges also sell cigars and cigar products.  It is common practice for them to have an assortment of fine and premium cigars.  Many have a room-sized humidor in which all of their premium brands are stored.  This keeps the cigars in top-quality condition so taste and aroma and guaranteed.  If smokers have any questions, or require any assistance, there is always a helpful staff on hand.


The cost of frequenting a particular cigar lounge depends on that particular establishment and the cigars a person chooses to enjoy.  There may also be a private smoking area for members only that require special fees to enter.  This part of the establishment may be more finely decorated, or it may have a live musician or special drinks that are not available to the general public.


There are certain rules of cigar etiquette that apply regardless of what type of establishment one is in, or whether or not that establishment is open to the public or more like a private club.   A few of these principles include, but are not limited, to the following:


1.     It is considered bad form for a person to walk into a cigar lounge with one’s own cigars.   That is like walking into a bar with a beer, or taking a thermos to a coffee shop.  That simply is not right.

2.     It is also considered bad form to go in and make a big production about how happy one is to have discovered a place where smoking is still allowed.  Although all cigar smokers appreciate lounges for this very reason, since it is already a sentiment everyone shares, it is annoying for those present to hear it verbalized all day long by every new person who walks in the door.

3.     It is impolite to take pictures.  Other smokers will probably perceive this to be an invasion of their privacy, and any images put on the Internet can be perceived as advertising that was not authorized by the owner.

4.     Sometimes individuals try to chit chat with groups of people sitting around in a cigar lounge.  Sometimes these groups do not appear all that warm and friendly.  If this happens to you, move on.  They probably do not intend to be rude, they simply are careful who they fool with and prefer to smoke with other people with whom they are better acquainted.

5.     Walking into the room like the Alpha destined to lead the pack and impress the world with style and pizzazz is a sure-fire way to get called on the carpet by someone who refuses to be dominated or play the validation game.  Keep a low profile and show some respect.


All in all, common courtesy and the simple principles of awareness and goodwill go further in a cigar lounge than any claim to superior knowledge or display of class consciousness.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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