Cigar HumidifierRegardless of how you store your cigars, a cigar humidifier is the most essential component of your cigar storage system.  This is because it is the only device capable of maintaining proper humidity necessary to preserving the taste and aroma of your cigars.  Without it, your cigars will be too dry, or they will be too moist, depending on the atmospheric relative humidity in your part of the world.   

Essentially, there are basically two types of humidifiers: active and passive. 

Active cigar humidifiers run off of electricity and usually use a built-in sensor to determine if they should humidify the air.  Most active models are also rather large—being made for larger cabinet humidors and walk-in humidors.  However, there are some smaller active models that are made for desktop humidors. 

The wonderful thing about active humidifiers is they can be set to lower the level of humidity if you are living in a part of the world where the air is simply dripping with moisture.    

Most cigar aficionados, however, need something personal for inside the home, where things are climate controlled and where outdoor relative humidity is not so much a factor.  Passive humidifiers are better for these people. 

Passive models do not use electricity.  They are made with a very simple design, and they use vapor conduction to control humidity.  

Vapor conduction involves putting moisture into the air when the relative humidity falls below a certain percentage, and in taking water out of the air when it rises above this percentage.  Passive cigar humidifiers are much less expensive than their active equivalents.  They can be used in either desktop cigar humidors and in cabinet humidors. 

 Understanding how cigar humidifiers work is extremely important, because most humidors you buy require you to add your own.  This is why you need to know the basics of humidifier type and how to prepare and install it.  

Cigar humidifiers are manufactured of green foam that is encased in plastic.  This green foam is very to that used at the bottom of flowers you buy in an arrangement.  It is superb in its ability to retain moisture. 

Many people think they can use regular water in their cigar humidifier.  This is a bad idea.  Regular water has too many minerals in it that will clog the device and render it ineffective.  Instead, use a 50/50 solution of distilled water and the chemical propylene glycol (PG).  This solution should be applied once every three to six months.  The general principle to follow is to apply a new solution each time there is a major change in seasons.  This varies in different parts of the world.  It is a good idea to talk to a cigar retailer in your area about when to change your solution based on the relative humidity where you live.  

Apply the solution by letting it thoroughly absorb first.  Turn it over and very gently shake out all of the excess.  Wipe the sides of the container dry, place it in its tube container, and attach it to the humidorAttach the device to the inside of the lid or to the side of the humidor.  The humidifier will come with either a magnetic strip that attaches to a metal strip, or with Velcro to hold it in place.   

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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