Best Cigar Gift BasketsCigar gift baskets are a fine offering of distinction for your most prestigious client. For the discriminating and warm hearted gift giver, they are a wonderful way to provide a thoughtful and unique gift to present to the person who has everything. If someone on your gift list presents you with nothing but a question mark as far as gift giving ideas, a cigar gift basket can be the perfect solution that you need.

Gift baskets can include cigars in many different price ranges. This means you are presenting a cigar gift basket that is an intricate and stylish statement that remains within your budget. Cigars are categorized by their size and shape. These factors come together to produce the vitola. The size is measured by the ring gage, which is its diameter in sixty fourths of an inch, plus its length. The most common type of cigar is the parejo, which is also referred to as coronas.

Some cigar baskets can include other items such as cigar cutters, cigar tubes, cigar holders, and cigar lighters. You could opt to also include a leather travel carrying case which protects the cigar from crushing and allows the cigar to remain humid. A gift of this magnitude is sure to please the cigar aficionado on your list.

This type of basket would be an excellent choice to give to your boss, golf pro, colleague, client, friend, neighbor, or any of the fine people that enhance your life. This would be a great gift giving idea for your postal carrier, veterinarian, employee, business associates, or anyone else on your gift list that you would like to say “thank you” to with a gift that conveys your appreciation on a higher level than the usual choices. If you are going to be celebrating a special event in your life, such as the birth of your child or grandchild, wedding, promotion, closing the big deal, or a college graduation, a cigar gift basket is a very grand way to bring your own personal flair to the festivities.

Most aficionados savor the aromatic properties of a cigar, rather than inhaling them. This is why there is an array of different taste selections and aromatic qualities to choose from when deciding upon a cigar. Each brand and type of cigar tastes differently. Some have a spicy flavor. Others may offer a red or black peppery taste. Aromas can range from harsh, burnt, green, woodsy, earthy, cedar, oak, roasted, sweet, nutty, creamy, fruity, or a cocoa effervescence. Many things affect the aroma of a cigar, such as tobacco type, cigar quality, added flavor, humidity, age, and whether or not the cigar was hand-made or produced by a machine.

Cigar gift baskets make a very elegant and distinct gift giving idea for the most discriminating or prominent person on your gift list. No matter what the occasion or celebration, this is a gift that is sure to bring a smile of gratitude. Give a memorable and timeless cigar basket that is sure to please.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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