Cult Classic Cigars For SaleAvailable in four sizes, the Cult Classic cigars have made quite the impression on aficionados. A solid build with its unique blend of tobaccos is sure to launch this stogie into stardom. An affordable price and attractive band just add to the appeal factor. Of course, simply hearing about how fine it is isn’t sufficient. Take a look at why reviewers are simply stunned by this impressive tobacco product.

While Cult Classic cigars are new to the scene they have made quite the impression. The Rosado Ecuadoran Habano wrapper is a beautiful milk chocolate in color. Very few veins can be felt on this stick, and there is no need to worry about soft spots as the reviewers said they are minimal. This wrapper has been aged under the sun giving it a gorgeous finish that is smooth to the touch.

The Indonesian binder is exceptionally fragrant and helps make this stogie firmly constructed. The initial simplistic look gives way for a complex mix of smells that play with all the senses. Not many manufacturers sport tobacco leaves from Indonesia, but that is why this company stands tall in an often full market.

A combination of filler tobaccos hailing from Nicaragua and Jalapa ensure a stout blend that is sure to satisfy. This one sure seems to be a crowd pleaser. It was noted that the firmness is great, keeping the stick evenly burning and with minimal need for a lighter past the initial torch. The transitioning of flavors is said to be rather smooth without noticeable breaks in the enjoyment.

Looking for some variety in sizes? The Cult Classic cigars come in a Gran Toro, a Robusto, a Toro, and a Torpedo style to appease a greater number of potential smokers. Each style has been handcrafted by the experts located in Esteli. Nicaragua is well-known for its excellence in cigar construction, and it has been said that one draw from this stick shows why it is a must have for any collection.

Even the boxes are sensational. Each one looks similar to a pirate treasure chest, sporting rivets and a lock. Glossy ebony-looking wood protect the gems inside with class. Opening the personal lock definitely reveals a box full of treasure that is sure to become a favorite of all who try them. In addition, the fabulous appearance makes it a keepsake worthy of possessing.

What about the flavor of these Cult Classic cigars?

This medium-bodied stick is an herbal sensation that is combined with a bit of pepper. The earth tones and peppery taste are noted to work well together, pleasing the palate. Some reviews even claim a slight mushroom aftertaste that is also noted as being quite pleasant. However, the most impressive part of the flavor sensation is the smooth transitioning from the start to the finish. The flavors remain stable throughout the duration of this smoke, creating a smooth and even experience.

Yes, Cult Classic cigars are new to the scene, but the impressive first glance does not disappoint any level of smoker. While the stick is firmly in the medium-bodied category it is a pleasant experience for any smoker, regardless of their preference. This is a great offering for either an afternoon or evening break, whether with friends or enjoying a quiet night solo.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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