Cigar CasesThere are cigar cases and personal humidors that help to ensure the quality of that favorite stogie. Whether for one stogie or a dozen, there are containers designed to guarantee a better smoking experience when the aficionado decides it is time to light up, sit back, and enjoy. Some cigar cases are designed for transport or travel while other containers are best suited to display on an office desk or in a secure location. When it comes to protecting that preferred stick, the consumer has numerous options.

Most premium stogies actually come in a decorative or commemorative box. These containers are specifically made to safeguard the quality of the sticks contained within that box. Many consumers have a favorite brand or manufacturer. Those boxes can often be purchased without the added sticks for a relatively low price. In fact, many retailers will offer empty premium boxes to consumers for a fair price.

There are special carriers made for those who love to travel. Visiting the in-laws for dinner is more enjoyable if those favorite after dinner stogies get to come along. However, simply placing a cigar in one’s pocket is not going to protect the integrity of the stogie. Small containers allow the enthusiast to transport three to five stogies securely, without the need to worry about breakage or drying out. These smaller humidors and containers will be made of a variety of materials ranging from fine wood to hard, durable plastic.

Larger cigar cases are available for travel depending on what the consumer needs. These aluminum containers or boxes can transport up to 30 fresh stogies safely. Large wooden boxes allow the aficionado to enjoy their favorite offerings virtually anywhere as they are easily transportable. Large travel boxes offer all the benefits of a home humidor while providing a safe way to travel without causing damage to the sticks inside.

Another reason these boxes are preferred is that they make it easier to send a gift to a friend or colleague that enjoys this past time. This is an excellent way to present a gift of this type as it is really two gifts in one. The protective containers allow people to enjoy a stick any time of day, regardless of how long they must travel.

Personal humidors allow the smoker to store any number of stogies while maintaining the integrity and quality each individual stick. Personal humidors can be as simplistic or as extravagant as the consumer desires. As such, the price varies accordingly. In addition, many personal cigar cases plug in to an outlet. This will guarantee that the stogies will maintain an ideal climate and humidity level while being stored securely.

There is a wide array of choices for the aficionado who wants to protect their favorite cigars and keep them fresh. With so many cigar cases available, the consumer will find the best fit for their need and design preference. Whether traveling or staying close to home, it has never been easier to protect one’s investment by keeping them fresh and ready for enjoyment. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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