Rocky Patel Burn Series CigarsRocky Patel Burn series cigars are an exclusive stogie manufactured specifically for the Burn Lounge in Florida. Released in November 2010 at just a single location, the manufacturer has plans in the future to open two more such lounges on at least two continents. The full bodied experience is appreciated by every level of smoker, from the novice to the seasoned aficionado. It is described as having delicious after dinner flavors.

The wrapper is constructed from dark Ecuadorian Sumatra tobaccos aged under the natural power of the sun. Each leaf is carefully handpicked by experts in the industry that understand the importance of selecting only the finest leaves. The natural robust darkness of the tobacco is an exceptional complement to the stogie, ensuring a better quality starting from the very first impression.

Reviewers stated that they appreciate the lack of any noticeable soft spots or veins. The smoothness gives the stick an almost delicate look. However, there is nothing delicate about the flavor or aroma. The triple cap is definitely unique. Even the two bands stand as testament to the true uniqueness and rarity of the cigar. There is a manufacturer logo on one side, with BURN on the other side. Special Reserve is brightly written on the foot band.

Rocky Patel Burn series cigars possess a Nicaraguan binder and filler combination of tobaccos. The whole leaves are carefully rolled to ensure maximum enjoyment for these highly favored sticks. The rich complexity of the stogie is filled with flavors perfect for dessert or anytime a special treat is wanted. Rich aromas of raisins, molasses and cocoa blend wonderfully with the barnyard scent. These sticks are said to be very aromatic, and the lingering smoke fills the area with its delectable aroma.

The first third is said to be as delicious as the aroma. Rocky Patel Burn series cigars are enjoyed fully. They are filled with flavors akin to a chocolate cinnamon roll and hay. Transitioning is smooth and the second third introduces a stronger molasses flavor sensation for the smoker. The final third has a mellower molasses with a stronger chocolate hint. It is truly an exceptional addition to any humidor with its sweet aroma and natural tobacco scents.

The draw is quite good and many reviewers claim that Rocky Patel Burn series cigars have one of the best draws on the market today. Cool and complex to the palate, these sticks are making a great impression on smokers. The experience is even without any prematurely dropped ash. It is easy to smoke the stick down to the appealing nub and there is no need for touchups at any time with this evenly burning stogie. This is one stick that handles exceptionally well, and the feel matches the excellent combination of flavors.

Rocky Patel Burn series cigars are a favorite for retailers and aficionados alike. Each one is specifically picked, rolled and packed to ensure maximum quality with each puff of the sweet stogie. Whether as an afternoon treat or an after dinner dessert, each puff elicits maximum pleasure for the smoker. The price is reasonable, especially considering the uniqueness and complexity of the stogie. There is no need to spend a fortune for superior quality thanks to this exceptional lounge inspired cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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