Palio Best Cigar Cutter For SalePalio cigar cutters makers know that serious cigar smokers deserve the very best quality in all of their smoking accessories. They are the ideal complement to your most prestigious and finest hand rolled sticks. They are crafted for the sleek and sophisticated connoisseur that prefers the finer things in life. To own one of these is a definite must. When you are in the company of your fellow smoking comrades, business associates, or just good friends, this brand will certainly give you the cutting edge.

The guillotine style Palio cigar cutter comes in a variety of colors that include Black, Burl Wood, Camo G1 Vista, Camo Green Forest, Carbon Fiber, Gold and Silver. The body is made from non plastic engineered polymers. The blades are made from the hardest stainless steel, 420 SS, that is currently being used in any other cutter available on the market. This gives you an incredibly sharp cutting edge, which is crucial when acquiring the perfect slice to your favorite stogie. They can also accommodate up to a 60 ring gauge, making them quite versatile.

This prestigious company claims that because of an undying pursuit of excellence, the Palio cigar cutters were crafted to deliver only the finest and precise cuts for your favorite sticks...time after time. They are engineered for today's serious smokers, as well as the newest of novices. With the superior construction and unique design, this accessory is second to none. The guillotine is extremely well constructed, and it is a bit easier to use than most others of this style. There is, for example, a small detent that will prohibit you from opening it either accidentally, or too far. The unique blades are dangerously sharp so they can cut your stogie to perfection. Their superior skilled design is what makes them so popular. It happens to be so well made that it comes with a lifetime warranty. If anything were to happen, all you need to do is walk into any dealer and they will exchange it right then and there with a brand new one!

The Palio cigar cutter is very easy to use and maneuver because of the ingenious finger rests. What also makes it easy is that the handle also adorns an indent which can double as a stick rest. This gives feasibility to make a fine cut from the cap without tearing. This beauty is amazing, and this is what sets it apart from the others. Its precision makes it the best on the market and has stogie aficionados searching the internet for the best deal they can find. Which brings us to your wallet, you may be surprised, but this precious piece will not break the bank. You can even afford to purchase one as a gift for an important client or smoking buddy. They make awesome gift ideas, especially when placed in a gift basket filled with other smoking accessories. Your friends will love you for giving them such a cool and useful gift. Palio cigar cutters are some of the absolute finest available. Purchase one today to see what all the fuss is about.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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