Nick Melillo is the King of Connecticut. He has a passion for his home state and the tremendous tobacco that it produces. He is one of the top blenders in the industry and has become famous for his use of Connecticut broadleaf tobacco. In order to pay homage to his home and the great part is has played in this history of cigars, Nick created this more budget friendly line that has become one of his most popular cigars.

 Charter Oak is named after the famed Oak Tree that once hid the Royal Charter of Connecticut from being stolen by British. Even though the tree was eventual destroyed in a violent storm, it has become a legendary symbol for the state. This cigar is labeled with an image of that historic tree. The Charter Oak is a great mellow to medium bodied cigar that uses aged Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos. It is available in two different wrapper varieties, both from the great state of Connecticut.

 If you are looking for an incredibly smooth and creamy cigar, you should pick up the Charter Oak natural, that utilizes a flawless Connecticut Shade wrapper that boasts wonderful notes of cream, vanilla, and cedar. If you re like me, you enjoy something a little darker and richer. That is when you light up the Charter Oak maduro that features Nicks signature Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. Each puff delivers great notes of dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and dark fruit.

 If you smoked this cigar for free, you would easily think its in the upper price range. Its construction is impeccable and its complexity is bar none. However, this is an incredibly well priced cigar, making it an outstanding everyday smoke for the true aficionado. Pick up your box of the Charter Oak from Foundation Cigars today!

POSTED ON Dec 17, 2018


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