Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva CigarCasa Fernandez Miami Reserva cigars are a Nicaraguan Puro. The stogie measures in at 6 x 54 and is a blend of the well-known Cruzado and Illusione brands. The tobaccos are grown in Esteli, Condega Valley and Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua, making for an impressive lineup of locales.

The wrapper is a sun-ripened Nicaraguan leaf that is dark chocolate in color. There is only minor veining on this large stogie. The oily sheen complements the gold, red and black brand, and rolling the stick between the fingers confirm there are no soft spots. The pre-light aroma offers notes of caramel, cedar and a sweet wood. Towards the foot of the stogie, the smell of caramel is quite intense.

Lighting the stick is easy. The pleasant notes of moist wood and sweet cedar are there right from the start. There is a sudden shot of red pepper that lingers. The sweetness is not overbearing, and accompanies the wood flavors very well. A hint of dark chocolate joins the mixture and makes for a pleasant first third. The balance is quite impressive, and has an even burn.

The first third is mellow, with a buildup of intensity near the end. The medium-bodied flavor mixes well with the medium strength of the tobacco. The strength ramps up around the end of the first third. Reviewers state that this sweet, peppery, creamy cocoa flavor is an excellent start to the stick.

The power of the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva cigars increases quickly once the smoker gets to the second third. Reviewers liked the spiciness, and believed it pairs well with a deliciousness that is reminiscent of an ice cream sundae. The creamy cocoa and sweet caramel flavors are right on key for this high quality stick.

The construction is simplistic and appears rustic. While the company does not state there is a triple cap in place, reviewers claim the performance is so smooth that there has to be a triple cap. A reddish hue swirls around the cap. Drinking water starts a flavor burst in the mouth, and melds together the flavors perfectly. The sundae sweetness is topped with a bite, thanks to the slight red pepper flavor.

The final third of the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva cigars is a bit unexpected though just as pleasant as the last two thirds. The earthiness is meaty and balances out the stogie giving it an intensified complexity. As the smoker nears the nub the stick has never gotten harsh or bitter. The deep earthy layers give the stick a perfect balance that makes this a highly ranked stogie. There is never any harshness, and the firm feel is true to the end.

The Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva cigars ash holds strong without any issues. There is no need to relight as long as the stick is watched. The strength of the construction is evident throughout and the burn and draw are both pretty nice. The cost is right under $7, which is right around normal.

The Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva cigars deserve a try from aficionados especially, but novices might find something they like too. The medium-bodied strength builds in intensity throughout, and with a well-blended combination of tobaccos laced with spice and sweet, the stick is sure to be a favorite.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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