Casa Fernandez Miami CigarFor the aficionado and the novice alike, Casa Fernandez Miami Cigars are proving to impress those that enjoy a good quality offering. They are proving to be one of the most sought after sticks by those that enjoy this classic past time. Knowledgeable enthusiasts know exactly what to look for in a good stogie, and they recognize the outstanding qualities of Casa Fernandez Miami Cigars the moment they have one in their hand.

These sticks have a distinctive look, aroma and taste which separate them from any other type on the market. The moment that one of these gems is lit, and that first draw is taken, the quality smoke begins to permeate the air with an alluring aroma.

Made with the finest Cuban seeds, and then rolled with quality tobaccos, these sticks are considered to be one of the finest products manufactured by Casa Fernandez. They can be purchased in boxes of 15, and are available in three different varieties, including the Petite Robusto, the Torpedo and the Toro.

Casa Fernandez Miami cigars are created using the following tobacco leaves:

• Medio Tiempo Maduro

• Ligero

• Viso

These tobacco leaves are all harvested from the Aganorsa Tobacco Farms, found in the Esteli, Jalapa Valley, and the Condega Valley in Nicaragua, and when they are combined together they raise the standards for what it means to produce a well-crafted cigar.

Many of the reviews coming from tobacco enthusiasts about their experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. They noted that when the stick is held in the hand and observed, the consistency of the construction was quite apparent. Some reviewers mentioned the cigar’s roughness, saying this was welcomed because it allowed the oils of the stick to emerge through the wrapper, giving it a beautiful sheen.

Those that tried the Casa Fernandez Miami Cigars described the flavor profile as being a little grassy when it was first lit, but shortly after the first puff or two the profile began to take on the flavor and aroma of sweet apples, with just a hint of spice in the background.

After the first third, the stick was said to begin exuding the sweet traces of caramel, and that hint of spice began to take on a characteristic paprika flavor at this point, providing a very unique experience on the palate.

The reviewers stated that the grassiness that was found in the beginning had all but faded completely away in the final third as the stogie transitioned to a heartier, more savory blend of meat, with a hint of cinnamon, and it retained traces of cedar throughout the entire burn.

In the final moments of the experience, it was noted that the grassy taste made its presence known once again, though it was much more subdued. The presence of cinnamon and cedar remained until that last puff was taken.

For those aficionados who demand absolute quality, they will find that Casa Fernandez Miami Cigars are not just a superior product, but they are also affordably priced.

This company prides themselves on their standards of quality, and these standards guarantee that each stick they manufacture is something they can proudly stand behind.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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