Casa Fernandez Cobacabana CigarsThe release of the Casa Fernandez Copacabana cigar in 1999 was proof to aficionados that Tabacalera Tropical was still among the most superior producers in the industry. After many years creating premium line-ups their continued brilliance and attention to every detail still shines through. This brand in particular has had excellent feedback from day one and continues to be a favorite among many. From its Nicaraguan ingredients to the hand rolled construction, the Casa Fernandez Copacabana cigar is said to be a beautiful stick to add to any humidor.

This unsurpassed brand has been creating high quality stogies for almost 30 years and is currently one of the major tobacco producers in Central America. While they are based in Esteli, Nicaragua, many of their line-ups are handcrafted in their recently constructed factory in Miami, Florida. Over 100 highly trained rollers ensure that thousands of smokes are created for their worldwide market every day. They utilize the most excellent of Cuban seed tobaccos and the practices of the same origin. From North America to the Far East, and from Europe to Latin America, those reviewing their collections agree they are among the best.

The Casa Fernandez Copacabana cigar is handmade in Nicaragua using their trademark Cuban seed tobacco in their binder and filler, while the deep brown wrapper contains sun grown Nicaraguan Corojo. Blended by the well known and extremely experienced Arsenio Ramos, these puro sticks present a medium bodied experience for those undertaking the experience. It is available in three sizes, including the Robusto, Torpedo, and Toro Gordo.    

Beginning with its appearance, the Casa Fernandez Copacabana cigar is described by reviewers as having a naturally dark wrapper with minimal veins present. It sports a simple yet sophisticated band that is black and white with gold accents and proudly displays its name and brand. It is said to be solid in the hand as a pre-lit aroma is detected. It is described as being earthy with hints of both spice and sweetness.

Upon firing up, the aromatic journey is said to continue with strength and balance. The first third brought reviewers a widespread flavor profile. The spiciness of pepper was said to blend rather well with a sweet mocha taste. Notes of vanilla and cream were said to sneak in at times as well. The draw is smooth as reviewers moved into the middle segment of the stogie. The flavors continue to be described as complex while continuing to complement each other nicely. The strength of the earth and sweet flavors are said to subside a bit while the pepper remains at the front of the pack. There were hints of the previously identified vanilla flavor with the added additions of fresh flowers and cinnamon. The closing third brings together many of the already existing flavors with an intense mixture of mocha and spice with creamy vanilla and woodsy notes mixed in. The spicy pepper finishes with a heightened strength while the smoke was said to be easy and smooth to the very end. Reviewers made note of its cool temperature and light gray ash that stood solid on the stogie. The burn was said to be even with a perfect pace throughout.

The popular Casa Fernandez Copacabana cigar may be depicted as a casual offering, yet the apparent high level of quality and craftsmanship makes it so much more. At the affordable price it is offered at, it is a must have for any cigar enthusiast.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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