Casa Fernandez Copacabana Cigars are Nicaraguan Puros.The Casa Fernandez Copacabana Cigar is a 2011 release that snuck by a lot of people. With the company’s recent movements, like rebranding the Miami and releasing the Miami Reserva, this stick was pushed to the back of the room a little.

Because of this, many aficionados were surprised to find that it is an excellent smoke all on its own, and even manages to outshine its brethren in some respects. While the company’s “super premium” lines use Agarnosa tobacco, which is considered to be elite, this stogie’s blend gives the Agarnosa a run for its money with its whole being better than the sum of its parts.

The Casa Fernandez Copacabana Cigar is a Nicaraguan puro. It is wrapped in a Nicaraguan Corojo 99 leaf and the binder is also Nicaraguan grown from Cuban seed. It comes in three sizes – Robusto (5 x 52), Torpedo (6 x 54) and Toro Gordo (6 x 56).

The stogie has an understated appearance, and is medium brown in color. While there is some minor veining, most experts would not call it toothy. The paper gives off a slight chocolate aroma, and the label is a simple gold, black and white with the stick’s name in small type.

The first third of the smoke gives off the same flavors that can be detected in the pre-light draw, which includes wood, chocolate, and pepper. After lighting, some reviewers also detect creaminess after a short time. All are in agreement that the flavors in this part of the Casa Fernandez Copacabana Cigar are well balanced and work with each other. No one taste really stands out among the others at this point.

In the second third, the creamy taste gets more assertive, and adds some caramel to the mix also. By the halfway mark, most reviewers found some combination of coffee, chocolate, cream, caramel and pepper. The cream and pepper are the most assertive at this point, though aficionados still said that the flavors were well balanced and didn’t overtake each other.

In the final third of the Casa Fernandez Copacabana Cigar, the sweetness fades quickly, though the caramel taste still hangs around. The wood and coffee notes lingered for the most part, but the pepper is the strongest flavor in this part of the stick, and is the last note most smokers detected before finishing off the stogie.

Most reviewers are extremely pleased with the burn and draw of the stick, and some claim that it performs better in these categories than the other Casa Fernandez lines. The draw is nice and easy, and the burn remains true throughout the smoke. The ash is a bright white, and remains tight until the nub.

Both the strength and body of the Casa Fernandez Copacabana Cigar are both considered medium by aficionados, who believe that it would make a good stick for those still pretty new to cigars. It has excellent balance, and just enough flavor and punch to avoid being boring, which makes it a pleasant after dinner smoke. Though it’s understated, and its cousins get more attention, this is a stick that deserves more attention from smokers.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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