Casa Fernandez Cigars Have Released The Aniversario Serie for 2014Casa Fernandez cigars of Miami have released the Aniversario Serie for 2014. Their original limited edition release, Bohème No. 35, was a tribute to their 35 years in the business. It marked their first foray into limited edition releases. Due to the demand, Casa Fernandez has decided that the Miami Aniversario Serie 2014 should be an annual event. 

For almost 30 years, Casa Fernandez has been a renowned manufacturer of premium stogies. Their motto, “From Seed to Ash,” is more of a belief and way of life for this prolific cigar company. They control every step of the stogie-making process to ensure a consistent quality. Grown in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua, they plant their authentic Cuban tobacco seeds in nurseries where temperature and moisture levels are tightly controlled. After the seedlings reach the right height, they are then transplanted in soil that agricultural engineers have prepared with a proprietary fertilizer formula. When it is time for harvesting, the leaves are cultivated, cut, and separated by grades before placement in the curing barns. After they reach their peak flavor, they are sent off to the cigar factory in Esteli, where their Master Cigar rollers inspect them one more time before use. 

Like its predecessor, the release is limited to 2,000 boxes of ten cigars each of five-year aged puro Nicaraguan tobacco. The sizing is a little different with the new edition being a 6 ¼ x 52 wrapped in Cuban-seed Corojo ’99, with Nicaraguan fillers and binder. A handful of aficionados and reviewers had the opportunity to smoke a pre-release sample. The Casa Fernandez latest release, the Miami Aniversario Serie 2014, has only increased the company's popularity. The new cigar provides a flavor profile of earthy pepper, creamy cocoa and sweet dried fruit notes. It delivers a full-bodied smoke with kicks of spice to the palate that have aficionados clamoring for this box-worthy cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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