Casa Fernandez Arsenio Cigars are named for the master tobacconist who blended them.The Casa Fernandez Arsenio Cigars are named after Arsenio Ramos, the man who blends masterfully for Tabacalera Tropical.  The stogie is available in two distinct wrappers.  One is a Nicaraguan Maduro and the other is a Corojo wrapper. All of the stogies are rolled in Nicaragua.  This particular blend is filled with Aganorsa Leaf.  Reviewers state that this stogie is distinct for its medium to full-bodied flavor that accounts for a smooth and straightforward taste.

The company that manufactures these stogies has been in business for over three decades and is one of the premier tobacco producers. It is a vertically integrated company that controls the process from start to finish. The cigar comes either in a box of ten or a five pack, and it retails for around $5.00 to $6.00 per stogie. This stogie measures in at 5 ¼ with a 54 ring gauge. 

During the pre-light stage of this stogie, the first characteristics reviewers note are the double band that shows off this stick with minimal veins. Another characteristic of the stogie, noted in reviews, is its attractive copper look. The aroma of the Casa Fernandez Arsenio Cigars in this stage has some distinctions of fruit, pepper and straw.  The cap is quite distinct with an attractive pigtail per reviews.   Once the cap pops off, reviews note that the stogie is well constructed with lots of smoke.   The ash also sustains well at this point with a variance of color.

The first couple of puffs of this stogie note a light woody flavor.  During the first third pepper spices and earthier scents are present with a heavy finish per reviews.  As the smoke continues flavors of toffee, chocolate and coffee are present in the Casa Fernandez Arsenio Cigars.  The ash is noted at this point to be a very dark grey and around one inch in length.  Reviews also reported that the scent of coffee begins to appear at this point.  

During the second third of the stogie, Cubanesque (leather and floral) flavors are evident per reviews.  Other reviews note signs of earth and dark coffee during this stage. The body continues to be full and robust. Review writers noted that no touch ups were needed.  Some reviewers even noticed a lemon like flavor mixed in as well.  The ash is also continuing to hold on well at this point.

Towards the final third of this stogie many reviews noted a mocha and expresso flavor with pepper and spicy cedar hints mixed in.  The pepper, however, begins to mellow out towards the end.  Reviewers noted that the burn of the Casa Fernandez Arsenio Cigars was good and required no corrections.   The ash of the stogie also held for a while. Overall, reviewers seem well pleased with the price and ease of this stogie.

Cigar aficionados hail the praises of this stogie.  One review noted the strong construction and complex flavors.  Many other reviewers noted the great bargain price of the stogie from such a reputable company.

Casa Fernandez Arsenio Cigars are a distinct and straightforward stogie that many reviewers find pleasing.  The price alone has many coming back for more.  All stogie aficionados should go out and try this Nicaraguan treat.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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