Carlos Torano Vault Cigars

When it comes to history, Carlos Torano Vault cigars have as colorful a history, as noted in the tobaccos used in this amazing creation. The family has a “blend book” where all the past blends are captured for future reference. Well, the blend this year was actually created back in 2000. However, the A-008 blend was missing that special something so was never released to the public. Upon closer inspection, the missing ingredient was discovered, and this new line of smokes was released in 2011 to amazing reviews.

What was that secret, missing ingredient? Ometepe tobacco was the missing link. Grown only on Ometepe, a volcanic island, the filler is a deliciously unique blend of rich leaves grown in the extremely fertile, dark soil of this little island. In addition, the use of very long, rich Nicaraguan tobacco combines with the richness of the Ometepe tobacco for a fabulous blend of tobaccos that is winning hearts across the globe.

The Carlos Torano Vault cigar is extremely attractive with reddish brown hues and a smooth finish that is oily to the touch, without a lot of heavy veins. Even the rings are beautiful, silver and black add to the superior look with elegance and class. One of the things reviewers love is that there are absolutely none of those soft spots often disliked by many.

The first whiff under the nose has been said to resemble a clean barn with just a hint of the sweetness yet to come. The first third is easy to light, and blasts the smoker with enchanting flavors of rich earthy tones and a touch of sweet spices. The creaminess makes it easy to enjoy and appreciate this wonderful offering. Some folks claim the draw may be a little loose for some likings, but overall, the taste definitely makes up for the tobacco looseness. The heavy taste of tobacco soon follows, leading to the second third. What started out as a medium bodied smoke quickly turns a bit fuller by the second third. There is a creamy nut consistency that makes this almost a dessert in itself. Where this stogie excels is in not overdoing anything. Just when the smoker thinks that the flavor is too full or the taste too sweet, the smoking experience mellows a bit, allowing for the full enjoyment without offering too much of a good thing. By the final third, the stogie is definitely proving to be a full-bodied experience.

Carlos Torano Vault cigars offer an amazing follow through with a bright ash falling at even intervals for a nice consistency.

Folks enjoy a Carlos Torano Vault cigar because it has a reputation for excellence. Again, some reviewers state that the tobacco is a bit loose causing it to burn a bit too hot. However, the full flavor wins and keeps the smokers coming back. This is definitely a stogie for all appetites.

The Carlos Torano Vault cigars are proving to be one of the better releases of 2011. The amazing taste and burn keeps all levels of smokers coming back for more. The even burn and superb blend of flavors keep aficionados coming back for more. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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