Carlos Torano Single Region CigarsThe Carlos Torano Single Region cigars are yet another big success from the first family in stogies. These guys have been producing or handling quality smokes for nearly a century, and have been a major player in the industry since the family emigrated from Spain to Cuba. This release is getting good reviews in general, and represents another strong combination of solid construction and interesting flavors.

Both the filler and binder found in this stick come from the Jalapa Valley region in Nicaragua. This is one of the best areas in the world for producing high quality tobacco, and is really known for its Ligero plant. A small farm in the northern reaches of the valley, El Estero, is responsible for the tobacco in the Carlos Torano Single Region cigars, and this gives the smoke an uncommon variety of flavor notes. The wrapper is Criollo, and is also from the valley. The paper is chocolate brown, oily and has strong scents of earth and barnyard. There is medium veining, and the stick is both packed and rolled evenly. Reviewers found that the draw was open before lighting, and appreciated its nice heft. The label is a classy white with red lettering stating the name of the stick.

In the first third, the Carlos Torano Single Region cigars possess fairly simple but strong notes. Reviewers found a lot of sweetness mixed with some wood notes, predominantly cedar. An earthy layer gives some depth to the opening third, and when retro-haling, many aficionados detected some strong black pepper playing around in the mix.

In the second third, this stogie really opens up and becomes a full flavor experience. Reviewers were across the board in the tastes they detected, though they agreed that there was still a good amount of sweetness, and it was considered creamy for the most part. In addition, some smokers got some strong wood or dark chocolate notes. The earth layers were still detected, and a few reviewers noted hints of coffee and leather in the profile. At this point, some stated that the Carlos Torano Single Region cigars needed a few minor touchups on the burn, but it wasn’t anything distracting.

In the final third, the sweetness is still apparent, and morphs from a creaminess to a mocha flavor. Leather and coffee notes became more apparent, and the wood that treats the palate in the first and second thirds takes over before the stick starts to wind down. All the way to the end, the Carlos Torano Single Region cigars put out copious amounts of smoke that reviewers said was quite pleasant. The ash is dark grey and maintains for about an inch and a half before letting go.

This line of smokes comes in three vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 52), Toro Grande (6 x 52) and Churchill (7x 50). Aficionados did not find many differences between the three sizes, so all should be appreciated by those who enjoy sweeter tastes in their stogies. While these are classified as full-bodied, most reviewers believed they were closer to medium body in both flavor and strength, so they are a good fit for most, even the novice.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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