Carlos Torano Single Region Cigar Is Elegant SimplicityThe Carlos Torano Single Region cigar is a simple, yet elegant, stogie with a low price that prevents sticker shock on check out. Reviewers noted that it is evenly packed and rolled, with the prelight tasting strongly of rich tobacco. The flavors of earthy wood prevail, and it is free of strong soft spots. The color is a natural brown with only minor veining. Overall, aficionados received a positive first, saying that grabbing a lighter and a comfortable chair gets the real experience started.

The color of the Nicaraguan wrapper is also pleasant.  The roll is seamless, with a couple of thick black veins. The oily finish has a nice pleasant aroma, and the stogie is heavy. There are no soft spots, and the Carlos Torano Single Region cigar has a modern dual band made with a simple design. Reviewers found no evidence of flaws in the construction.

Cigar reviews also note that the pre-light was heavy in tobacco smell, punctuated by a sweet raisin aroma. The foot, however, smelled more of mellow cedar. The subtle smells of the pre-light are alluring without being overwhelming. The stogie is a joy to smell upon opening the humidor, and it feels comfortable in the hand. The smoke leaves a pleasant smell in the room because it is strong without becoming overwhelming.

The first third starts with a pleasantly simple blend of flavors. There is a combination of deep woods with notes of sweetness, and the background is a nice earthy flavor that lingers on the palette. On the exhale, aficionados noticed hints of peppery spice, with the smoke much fuller at the end. The first third is relatively dry, but it remains pleasant with slight notes of barnyard. The first third comes on light and gains in strength as it transitions to the second third.

The transition to the second third is seamless, with the flavors shifting slightly. The sweetness is more in the background, and the woodsy earth flavor becomes more predominate. There is a nice bitter mocha flavor that enters the scene about halfway through the second third, but reviewers say the complementation is superb. The flavors and strength hold strong all the way through the second third. 

The final third of the Carlos Torano Single Region cigar is just as good as the rest of this affordable stick, and the flavors stay about the same as with the second third. There is a bitter mocha flavor, and the background has a good cedar flavor. The Nicaraguan tobacco blend is very mellow and nice, and the nub is steady and holds true to the characteristics present in the first of the stogie.

The stogie has a nice, dark ash that is strong and holds firm until dropped, and the burn line is very sharp. There isn’t an overabundance of smoke, either, but aficionados still state it doesn’t take away from the experience. The draw has been called perfect, and leans heavily toward the medium side in tobacco strength. This Carlos Torano Single Region cigar is definitely a keeper.

The Carlos Torano Single Region cigar is a favorite among reviewers and smokers. It has a subtle flavor blend, and it has a strong construction. The lack of soft spots and oily finish make this a beautiful stick.  Aficionados say the burn is sharp, so there is no need to relight. Enjoying this stogie is easy with a glass of water and a favorite snack.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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