Carlos Torano Noventa CigarsThe Carlos Torano Noventa cigars are not a new release from the Torano family. In fact, this stick was released in 2006 to celebrate 90 years in the business. They seem to be making a comeback however. In addition to some of the new releases from the Torano family, many aficionados are also enjoying one of their older favorites, the Carlos Torano Noventa cigars.

The Torano family has been in the cigar business for more than 90 years, going back to its roots in Cuba. They have grown tobacco in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador, and the family started their own label in the mid-90s. They already had years of making private labels for other companies. The business considers itself to be a premium cigar maker, and produces complex blends of tobacco from different countries. This stick is a great representation of that. They are made with Nicaraguan Habano tobacco for the wrapper and binder. The filler is also Nicaraguan, and uses tobacco from the Pueblo Nuevo, Jalapa, Esteli and Condega regions. These tobaccos are allowed to age for up to five years. The smokes are offered in three sizes: Santiago (5 x 50), La Esperanza (6 x 52), and Latin (6 ¼ x 54). Carlos Torano Noventa cigars are packaged in cedar boxes with 25 sticks that are individually wrapped in cellophane. These are considered a medium to full body offering.

With the Carlos Torano Noventa cigars emerging again, what are some of the reviewers saying about these sticks? The outside appearance has not changed. The wrapper is a nice reddish brown color, and has minimal veins – otherwise, it appears flawless. It is solidly packed with tobacco with no soft or hard spots. As for the flavor, the cold draw has a velvety sweetness to it. Upon being lit, the stick remains consistent in its flavor profile. When transitioning from the first third to the final draw, there really is no harsh punch of flavor. Rather, there is a nice, even taste of creaminess and earth that can be picked up pretty easily. Some reviewers state that there is sweetness early on in the smoke. Most agree that there are notes of spice and cedar that seem to come and go throughout the burn. Other reviewers state that they experience some coffee notes as well. Many mention that during the second third, there is a ramp up in flavor, primarily in spiciness. However, it is not an overbearing heat. It just adds a nice kick to the experience.

The burn is excellent, and is considered so by almost every aficionado that has enjoyed one. The draw is easy, and the ash holds exceptionally well. The ash is a grayish color and has some flakiness to it.

Whether someone is trying this for the first time or has had several of them in the past, the Carlos Torano Noventa cigars are well worth the two hours it takes to get through one. Many reviewers make them a mainstay in their humidors, and they recommend the same for any other enthusiast.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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