Carlos Torano Master Series Colossal CigarCarlos Torano Master Series cigars are a collaborative effort between the Torano family and the talented blender Felipe Sosa, with the newest being released early this year. There are currently two sticks in the Carlos Torano Master Series cigars line. The original was launched in 2010 and was met with positive ratings. They took this as a mandate to create a maduro version. The darker wrapper contributes full flavor, and many tests were done before finding the perfect maduro for the blend. Although the two are considered a duo, the flavor experiences are quite different from each other.

Both of the Carlos Torano Master Series cigars hail from Nicaragua. Both are nicely constructed and burn straight, don’t require any significant touch-ups once lit and produce a light, firm ash. Draw resistance is light and can be attributed to the length of the smoke. Both are rolled in four vitolas that include the Robusto (5 x 50), Torpedo (6.25 x 52), Churchill (7 x 50) and Toro (6 x 54).

The original sports an Ecuadorian habano wrapper and features an Esteli, Nicaraguan binder, and fillers that come from the Esteli and Jalapas Valleys of Nicaragua. The wrapper has dessert scents like caramel and butterscotch. Upon lighting, the stick offers a smooth beginning paired with a taste of pepper provided by the wrapper. Cedar is the most prominent flavor throughout the smoke but notes of spice, earth, hazelnut, coffee, nutmeg and gingerbread make subtle appearances too. The second third and finishing kick have a faint cocoa sweetness, with hints that are reminiscent of the sugary wrapper scent.

The maduro wears a Nicaraguan maduro wrapper, and its leaves are finely aged to a dark chocolate hue. The binder is Ecuadorian, while the filler is from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. It is a medium strength to full bodied, full flavor smoke. It is firm to the touch, free of veining, tightly capped and features more tooth than the original. Unlit, it smells of caramel, wood and hay, and the cold draw revisits the caramel and wood and adds a slight spice. Caramel, woodiness and espresso are the main flavors in this savory smoke, with woody notes of oak presenting a pleasant bitter contrast during the middle third. The sweetness increases with the addition of a faint cocoa taste near the end, and the flavors during the finish linger on the palate.

The wrappers contribute a lot to the experience, even though their filler blends are similar. The habano and the maduro leaves enhance the undertones or mask tastes to create a decidedly unique flavor profile for each of the Carlos Torano Master Series cigars.

Flavorful and aromatically pleasing, Carlos Torano Master Series cigars are the right choice for those who like their stogies well balanced. This smoke is described by the Torano company and reviewers alike as being bold, rich and versatile enough to be favorably paired with spirits or fine dining. The nuances of flavor notes in this smoke are most likely to be detected and appreciated by cigar enthusiasts, but even inexperienced smokers will enjoy the quality of this premium stick. A pairing of extraordinary talents has created cigars with a high level of sophistication that is also pretty affordable.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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