Carlos Torano Master Maduro CigarsCarlos Torano Master Maduro cigars are a beautiful collaboration between the head of the company, Torano, and Felipe Sosa, the company’s master roller. The expert attention really shows in this stick, and the Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic tobaccos possess a range of flavors.

This stick has a wrapper that looks like dark chocolate. It is slightly oily and has a pronounced sheen from the aging process. There is next to no veining in the paper, and it features a red, black, and gold band. Most reviewers rave about the look of Carlos Torano Master Maduro cigars. The craftsmanship is also a plus featuring no soft spots, and is generally very firm to the touch. After cutting the stick, what stands out is how dense the tobacco is packed. It is nearly bursting with filler.

The paper has an agreeable aroma that most state is a combination of sweet caramel, wood, and hay. When cutting the stick and drawing cold, the caramel remains, but is joined by a spicy wood flavor. Lighting is easy and the burn is even. Many reviewers did not detect any uneven burning when testing it. The draw stays nice and easy through the entire stick.

The flavor is full and it hits right away. The first draws on the Carlos Torano Master Maduro cigars are filled with very spicy, peppery notes. Some smokers detect a woody undercurrent to the spicier notes. As a smoker works their way down this stogie the spicy flavors pull back some, and a nice balance begins to develop with the other flavors that begin to come forward. Sweet caramel, coffee, and woody flavors begin to take hold around halfway through. Some smokers pick up mild oak flavor notes and some pick up espresso, which pairs well and contrasts with the sweetness. Near the end of this stick the flavor amps up some more. The oak, coffee, and caramel flavor notes remain, and are joined by layers of cocoa giving the stick a fairly rich finish. It is common to hear this stogie described as a flavor explosion that really takes hold near the end and leaves a nice finish.

The Carlos Torano Master Maduro cigars are unique in how their smoke lingers on the palate. Its finish is sweet, and some reviewers refer to the generous output of smoke as “chewy.” That is not a bad thing. It has a texture that caresses the palate and hangs around for a while. It is also cool, rich and has a good deal of flavor. Each puff puts out a great deal of the white smoke, as well.

The ash is densely packed and is bright white. It grabs on to the stogie for a good while, and can last for an inch or more fairly easily.

With the flavor of a premium stick and the price of a more economical smoke, the Carlos Torano Master Maduro cigars are well regarded stogies and come in at a great value. They are a nicely-balance medium to fuller bodied stick. They should be additions to any humidor, and make a great everyday smoke. They come in three sizes: BFC, Robusto and Toro Gordo.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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