CAO Osa CigarAficionados all agree that the wrapper is the one thing that makes CAO OSA Sol cigars so much more unique than any of the other competitors in the industry. Perhaps this is because the tobacco for the wrapper is grown in an extremely rich soil that is located in the mountains of Honduras. This area is nearly perfect for tobacco growing. With this perfection comes a wonderful addition of oils to the leaf. The cigar fillers are made from Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos with the binder being Connecticut Broadleaf. The very earthy and rustic goodness of this stick has reviewers singing its praises. It is considered to be a medium-bodied offering.

The CAO OSA Sol cigar is offered in three sizes which are:

• Lot 50 (5 x 50)

• Lot 54 (6 x 54)

• Lot 58 (6.5 x 58)

The appearance of this stick is one that is fairly oily and has a lot of very small veins. The wrapper is said to almost feel like a piece of leather when holding the smoke, but it is packed extremely well and leaves no areas that sag. It has a nice, comfortable weight to it and is quite appealing to the eye.

One thing is for sure, CAO OSA Sol cigars are packed with flavor. From the foot, one reviewer said that there was a flavor note of marshmallow mixed with fresh burning wood that reminded him of sitting beside an open campfire as a boy and roasting those gooey and wonderful treats. That sweetness is noted throughout the stick by other reviewers as well. Once the stick is lit, the flavor notes will amp up with hints of citrus and that woody note of cedar. Others stated that the genuine earthiness will come and go throughout the smoke. It ended on a peppery note that some described as sweet chilies ramped up, but that they do not overpower the other tastes that are also present.

Reviewers smoking a CAO OSA Sol cigar said that they were pleased with the amount of thick smoke that wafted from this beauty and that it continued to thicken throughout the roughly one and a half hours it took to finish the stick. They described the burn as being absolutely fabulous. The ash lasted about an inch at a time and was a salt and pepper coloring.

There was much anticipation and anxiety about the CAO OSA Sol cigars because General had just bought the company. Many reviewers were nervous that this stick might not measure up. All those that tried them were happy and found that the quality, flavor, appearance, and aroma were still there and were still just as great as they had always been.

These cigars definitely are a pleasing taste to the palate of the novice and the aficionado alike. They will leave the smoker wanting more. With the cedar and peppery flavor notes that are found throughout the body, reviewers stated that a dark beer or a liqueur would pair nicely with it. Reviewers all proclaim that this smoke is a victory for the company.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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