CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigars For Sale The CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigar isn’t your typical fare when it comes to some of the most common stogies. This particular product measures an enormous 6 3/4 x 72 and continues the fashion of creating large gauges and different size bodies from this outstanding company. This stick is being produced in very limited quantities, with initial reports saying that there will only be around 5,600 total sticks in production. This run will release primarily on the western seaboard, with areas as far as Texas receiving limited supplies of the product. Taking to the limit the size barrier of typical stogies, this product looks to serve as a worthwhile regional companion to the long line of products from CAO that has brought some of the highest-quality sticks to market in recent years.

The product itself is Nicaraguan, with a complex blend of Colombian and Honduran wrapping and spices comprising the body. Though the CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigar has only recently appeared on the market, reviewers have been quick to weigh in on their overall enjoyment of the most recent release from this famous line.

The wrapper has been noted for its particularly dark coloration, with almost no red discoloration occurring throughout the entirety of the body. The aroma has been described in particular for its very sweet cocoa and coffee notes, though the foot of the stogie has a much more pungent aroma, comprising of grassy and earthier tones.

The CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigar has been said to have a very particular cold draw when compared to its counterparts, comprising of many different fruity tones, with a bit of citrus and coffee permeating each puff. The draw has been described as both smooth and long, with the end of the burn definitely showing a lesser spectrum of flavors as the initial draw does, though the draw itself is quite lengthy given the inherent size of the product.

The first third is reported as starting off with rich chocolaty flavors, with a slight hint of citrus making its way into the mix, just as it did with the pre-lit draw. It has been noted that the overall complexity of the flavor profile mellows somewhat after this portion of the CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigar, calming to a more creamy and cedary flavor, though still maintaining the citrus notes from before. Also duly noted is the amount of smoke produced by the burn, which has been described as very little, though the ash forms just fine throughout the burn.

The second third begins with almost a completely different subset of flavors, with the noteworthy tones being the earthy and peppery bits. Critics remark on the strong cedar presence as well, sometimes overpowering the other flavors. The final third continues with the same general flavor profile from the second, though the notes even more subtle at this point. Some reviewers of the CAO Left Coast Trapezoid Cigar have been a bit critical of the last three inches, though most noted that the overall flavor profile and size of the stogie more than makes up for any of the supposed shortcomings that have been reported.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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