CAO Flavours American Slyce Cigars are great sticks with flavor!The CAO Flavours American Slyce cigars are another entry in the company’s portfolio of flavor-infused stogies. This is the seventh offering in the line. The others include Gold Honey, Moontrance, Eileens Dream, Vanilla, Earth Nectar and Cherrybomb. This stogie is designed to evoke a classic Americana feel, with a red, white and blue motif and interesting flavors that resemble apple pie. Aficionados have strong opinions regarding sticks infused with additional notes, many regarding them as gimmicks. This stogie, though, has a well-realized profile that doesn’t overwhelm the smoker with a sugary taste. For that reason, many smokers consider it among the best infused sticks available. That shouldn’t be a surprise, given CAO’s experience with these sticks.


The wrapper is from Cameroon and the binder and filler are from the Dominican Republic. The CAO Flavours American Slyce cigars, like the brand’s other stogies, are produced in the company’s Dominican factory. It is available in two vitolas, including Cigarillos (4 x 30) and Petit Corona (4 x 40). The wrapper is dark chocolate brown and comes with some medium veining, though the seams are invisible. The band is simple, with the name of the stogie stamped in blue type on a vanilla white background. The pre-light aromas consist of baked apples and cinnamon, with an undercurrent of sweet earth.


The first third of the CAO Flavours American Slyce cigars produce an interesting range of sweet tastes that remain well-balanced. The dominant note in the first third is the cinnamon apple, which most reviewers described as crisp and bright. A collection of spices are also present throughout this part of the stogie, and resemble nutmeg and baker’s spice, in addition to the cinnamon. Some also tasted some cedar spice in the profile. The spices remain in the background, though they are accompanied with a sweet earth taste that some reviewers described as damp.

During the second third of the stogie, the profile remains the same, for the most part. The cinnamon apple develops some and becomes sweeter, though not sugary sweet. The cinnamon become spicier and becomes the dominant note, drowning out the nutmeg and baker’s spices. The sweet earth is still present, though it is a tertiary note at this point. A few aficionados detected a toasty note, giving the stogie a cinnamon cereal profile.


The last third of the CAO Flavours American Slyce cigars ramps up the spice some, keeping the sweetness in check. The cinnamon is said to be sharp, tingling the tongue. The sweet earth fades out, but the nutmeg and baker’s spice are still present. Together they fill out the cinnamon and apple notes. The stick ends with a spicy cinnamon kick.


The burn and draw were both reported as good, though some noted an occasional touch-up being required. The stick’s construction is strong and performs well. The CAO Flavours American Slyce cigars are mild-bodied and mild strength smokes that are perfect as an after dinner stogie. It is an ideal introductory cigar for a novice, because it won’t overwhelm with nicotine or strong tobacco notes.

While some aficionados are skeptical of infused stogies, this stick avoids being just a gimmick or harshly sweet. It’s another top-notch entry into the brand’s line of infused smokes.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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