Many cigar aficionados have definitely wondered why they cannot buy cigars direct from the manufacturer. Some are very difficult to find, and this can be frustrating for a connoisseur if they are a dedicated follower of one particular brand. After all, many other things that are purchased are done so by cutting out the middle man and going straight to the company that makes them. So why is the consumer not able to do this with their favorite stick?

There is a definitive reason why one cannot buy cigars direct from the manufacturer. Most of the premium rollers and manufacturers only produce a limited amount each year. This is for multiple reasons, including the fact that many are handmade. Because so much time is put into making one stick, there are not that many available each year. This limited quantity means that only the top rated shops will be selected to carry the brand, and even then they will only be supplied with a limited amount.

Another big reason that it would be difficult to buy cigars direct from the company that makes them would be the language barrier. If a person were to call many of these companies in an effort to purchase smokes from them, they would quickly find that unless they spoke many languages, they would not be able to communicate. The reason for this is most of the manufacturers are in Central and South American countries, as well as overseas. Even if someone knew a little of the native language, they still might be met with difficulties trying to communicate.

The companies that produce the most well known and loved brands are sometimes difficult to find a physical address for. This is because they often rely on one another to manufacture and distribute their goods. One brand may be manufactured by a company, but designed and distributed by the maker of a completely different brand. This is why it can be somewhat confusing to find out who actually makes some of the most popular brands.

Most of the manufacturers of fine stogies do not offer their cigars direct to the customer. They prefer to deal with the trusted  cigar shops that they have selected to carry their brand. Again, part of the reason for this is they only produce a limited quantity, and they sell them by the cases to these selected shops.

One last reason may be because manufacturers are simply not organized to deal with the public or a single customer. This would require a lot of time, a network of sales and customer service representatives, and different shipping accommodations. It would also require a staff that could fluently speak many different languages as they would be serving customers from all over the globe. This would be very difficult for the manufacturers, and perhaps it is one of the biggest reasons why they do not offer cigars direct to a singular customer.

This is another great reason to rely on a smoke shop, either online or in one’s neighborhood. It is the best way to acquire everything needed for one’s smoking pleasure. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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