Vapor Gen Is The Cheapest Electronic Cigarette!In this era of ever changing technology, consumers are now able to find the cheapest electronic cigarette on the market with ease. These -items are of the same quality as higher priced vapor sticks, though this may sound surprising to some connoisseurs of the product. The secret is not the quality of the product, but rather, what the vendors think will sell in the market.

These vapor stick starter kits can vary in price, from below $50 to more than $350 per kit. The higher priced products are generally from companies that have a larger marketing budget, as the quality of an expensive vapor stick is generally no different than quality found in less expensive varieties. Finding the cheapest electronic cigarette on the market is just a matter of doing some online research.

For new customers to this expanding market, it is important to understand what goes into the electronic cigarette. In essence, this product is created by placing a liquid solution into the smoking device that is converted into an aerosol mist. This aerosol mist is not toxic, and the nicotine content is similar to a regular tobacco product. For those customers looking for a change, the cheapest electronic cigarette out there may be the way to go.

A user gets started by purchasing a starter kit. The device has a tube with an LED light attached to the end, a battery and a liquid cartridge included in the package. When the user smokes, the item heats up and a mist appears that is tobacco free. Flavors that are available include mint, chocolate, vanilla, menthol and traditional tobacco flavors, among many others. Nicotine is also included with the product. The user, however, has the ability to adjust the level of nicotine emitted by the device to a desired level. Reviewers have stated that this product lasts much longer than regular smokes, though users should keep a backup battery on hand, as well as extra cartridges just in case. Availability may be an issue at times, as this is a fairly new product in the United States. Descriptive manuals are enclosed with each kit to help the user keep the product in ideal condition.

This product was first created by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik around the year 2000. The company’s name is Ruyan and it is still around today. Since that time, many manufacturers have been on the hunt to produce the best vapor stick around. It is also important to note that Chinese manufacturers still produce most of these units across the globe. Due to the high volume produced, connoisseurs can find the cheapest electronic cigarette without having to look too hard.

It is always important for any potential customer to do vital research before purchasing any product, and vapor sticks are no different. Online reviews provide important information about the flavors, liquid content and performance of each brand, and these reviews can also provide the best access to the cheapest electronic cigarette for the customer in need.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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