Carlos Torano Salutem Cigar Features Cameroon FillerThe Carlos Torano Salutem cigar was released at the 2012 IPCPR trade show, and has been receiving high praise from aficionados and reviewers ever since. Unlike every other stick produced by the company, this one features Cameroon tobacco in the blend. Previous products used Cameroon tobacco in the wrapper, but this is the first instance of it getting into the stick itself, and because of it, the stogie sports a unique and pleasant flavor profile.

In addition to the Cameroon in the Carlos Torano Salutem cigar, there is also Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco found in the blend. The binder features Nicaraguan plants, and the wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano, which was perhaps the most popular form of wrapper in 2012. It currently comes in four sizes, including the BFC at 6 1/8 x 60, the Piramide at 6 1/8 x 52, the Robusto at 5 x 52 and the Toro at 5 5/8 x 55.

The wrapper has a medium brown color to it, and has a light oily sheen to it, in addition to some visible veins and seams. The paper exudes a strong and pleasing cedar aroma. Since 2010, the company has made a big effort to put out nice looking labels, and the Carlos Torano Salutem cigar is no different. The band is brown and silver and complements the color of the paper, adding a classic yet subtle touch. The lettering is a bold Roma style and is brown on top of a silver background.

The pre-light draw is said to be nice and easy, and features noticeable notes of cedar, spice and tobacco. For the most part, reviewers were pleased with its construction and draw. The first third of the stogie brings out big layers of leather and pepper, according to aficionados, but some found that the leather slowly transitioned to a delightful nuttiness. The pepper is the dominant flavor, with the nutty taste backing it up for the first section of the Carlos Torano Salutem cigar.

The second third brings some sugar cane into the mix, though it starts out slow in the background. Aficionados stated that this is the Cameroon tobacco starting to assert itself, and it played off the spice and nuttiness well, never getting out of balance. After a bit, the sweetness switched from sugar cane to a standard tobacco sweetness. These three layers formed the core of the flavor experience moving in to the last third of the stick which continues to find its way into humidors everywhere.

The final third of the Carlos Torano Salutem cigar features an oak taste that quickly replaces the nuttiness for good. The pepper and oak are the two most powerful tastes in this part of the stick, relegating the sweetness to the background again. This is how the stogie closes out, with the pepper lingering the longest.

This smoke features an excellent burn and draw, which speaks to its superior construction. Reviewers were universal in their praise of these elements of the stick, and were also pleased with the quality of its ash, which flakes only slightly. Aficionados believe that the stogie starts out in the medium bodied zone, but is full bodied by the time the smoker gets down to the nub, so it is definitely geared toward veteran smokers.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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