Cigar: Camacho Triple Maduro             Filler: Honduran

Wrapper: Honduran                             Strength: Full Body

Binder: Honduran

Camacho Triple MaduroThe Camacho Triple Maduro is the worlds only triple Maduro. It is the first ever all Maduro cigar and produced by Camacho Cigars. Camacho is known for their full flavored smokes, but this one will really throw you off your feet. The Camacho Triple Maduro is made in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras, just outside of Danli. The reason why this is a one of a kind smoke is because no cigar has ever been made with all Maduro. From the wrapper to the filler and the binder, all Maduro. Maduro stems from the Spanish word for ripe. This means that the leaves are taken from a higher, more flavorful plant priming and are fermented for long periods of time at high temperatures. For this particular cigar, it was a year long process of blending five different Maduro tobacco varieties. As the leaves are fermented at these high temperatures, it causes the sugar to be drawn out of the plant. Therefore, the leaf turns very dark, sometimes even black in color. This cigar is available in the following sizes, 4" inches x 50 ring gauge, 6 inches x 60 ring gauge, Torpedo and Sampler.

Most cigar aficionados know that the Camacho brand holds its place in cigar history. Simon Camacho started the Camacho brand in 1961. Mr. Camacho was forced into exile from Cuba and fled to Florida. He opened up his first factory in Miami producing cigars made from Central American provenance. In 1995, after the death of Mr. Camacho, Camacho was purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars. Which is a company owned by the Eiroa Family. Camacho grew to have an excellent reputation with many famous cigar aficionados well beyond its US borders.

The appearance of the Camacho Triple Maduro wrapper is a bit rough looking with an oily sheen. The wrapper is extremely dark because of the Maduro. The feel of the cigar is smooth with only a few vein textures. The silver band is quite a contrast to the darkness of the wrapper. The draw is a bit loose but the overall construction is good. The ash is gray and holds well throughout the smoke. The burn is even, all the way to the end. It is a slow burning cigar and may take over ninety minutes to enjoy.

The Camacho Triple Maduro starts with some woody and espresso flavors and gives off a lot of smoke. The first third is mostly the espresso and woody flavors, but there are hints of dark chocolate with some notes of creaminess. During the second third, there is some black pepper flavor kicking in, but it does not overpower the other flavors. There is also a kick of nicotine that is quite powerful. The final third, the nicotine backs off and the woody flavor comes to the forefront and the espresso and chocolate flavors blend into the background.

Overall, the Camacho Triple Maduro is a one of a kind smoke, from its construction, to the flavor of the triple Maduro. It is a definite full body cigar and one that would be enjoyed by any seasoned aficionado.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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