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Cigar: Camacho Select                       Strength: Medium-Full   

Origin: Honduras                                  Binder: Honduras   

Wrapper: African Cameroon Filler: Honduras

Camcho Select CigarThe Camacho Select is one of the super premium cigars that Camacho offers. This cigar is known for the Cameroon wrapper that is used. It is offered in five different sizes, Lonsdale (6 inch x 40 ring gauge), Robusto (5 x 50), Super Robusto (5 ¾ x 52), Churchill (6 ½ x 48) and Torpedo (6 1/8 x 54). It is touted as being one of the more milder, full body cigars that the Camacho line offers. The Camacho Select line was produced at the Tabacos Rancho Jamastran in Honduras.

Camacho Cigars have played a significant roll in the history of the cigar. The Camacho brand began in 1961, by Simon Camacho when he was forced into exile from his native land of Cuba. From there he fled to Florida where he opened up his first factory. It was located in Miami, Florida and produced cigars made from Central American provenance. In 1995, after the death of Mr. Camacho, Camacho was purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars, a company owned by the Eiroa Family. Julio Eiroa personally enjoys the Medium body over the Full body cigars that Camacho normally produces. So, he personally developed, and blended the Camacho Select series, in secrecy. He is the father of the current President of Camacho Cigars, Christian Eiroa. He originally sent these to a select group of retailers as a Christmas gift. After receiving numerous positive responses, it was decided that they would add it to their line of cigars.

The wrapper on the Camacho Select is made from African Cameroon and is a medium brown color. It has some soft spots and some medium sized veins throughout. The feel of the cigar is still firm even with some soft spots. It is less oily than other smokes in this same category. The pre light draw is firm and flavorful. The draw is firm as well and the ash is also firm and light in color throughout the smoke. The cigar produces thick clouds of smoke, but this in no way effects the enjoyment of the smoke. The burn is even over all.

The tastes vary throughout the entire smoke. It starts out with the first third being a woody flavor that blends into a nice leathery flavor with hints of spice and pepper. This makes for a very flavorful and zesty smoke. In the second third, the spice starts to dissipate and the pepper flavor starts to build. In the final third portion, the leathery taste begins to fade as does the pepper. It moves smoothly back into the spice and you get a full taste of that rich Honduran tobacco that the Camacho brand is noted for.

The Camacho Select is a perfect fit for a novice cigar smoker and aficionados will appreciate the complex yet smooth taste of the cigar. Whether you are out at the golf course, having poker night with the boys or in any mixed group of company, this is a wise cigar selection for everyone and anyone who enjoys cigar smoking.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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