Cigar: Camacho Liberty     Filler: Honduras

Origin: Honduras                Binder: Honduras

Wrapper: Habano             Strength: Medium-full

Camacho Liberty CigarsEvery year the Camacho brand releases its highly anticipated Camacho Liberty cigar. This is a release that has the cigar connoisseur waiting with bated breath. The release of the 2009 met and exceeded all expectations. It has even been called the best Honduran cigar to ever be offered. It will easily go head to head with the best Cuban cigars as well. Starting in the summer of 2002, the Camacho Liberty series was released. They are typically made with Habana tobacco, of which there is only one crop, which makes it a very distinct stick. The 2009 release was harvested and rolled in October 2007 and then allowed to age two years before release. All of these factors combined make this a limited release and a rare find.

With the release of the Camacho Liberty 2009, it was touted as being the best release since 2005. Because Camacho only uses one Habana crop for this release, there was a limited quantity of 40,000. Each cigar is a 6 inch x 56 ring guage figurado, individually wrapped in tissue paper. Then they are placed in their own individual Spanish Cedar coffins. Each box has twenty individual coffins and they are all numbered in the series.

The Camacho brand and name plays a significant role in the history of cigars. The Camacho brand began in 1961, by Simon Camacho. He opened up his first factory in Miami, and began producing cigars made from Central American provenance. In 1995, after the death of Mr. Camacho, Camacho was purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars, a company owned by the Eiroa Family. Christian Eiroa personally blends the Camacho Liberty series.

The wrapper is a semi dark chocolate color and is consistent throughout with medium sized veins. There are two bands on the wrapper that come off with ease to ensure that there is no damage when you remove them. The cigar is lighter than others and is evenly filled with no soft spots.

The aroma is of the Spanish Cedar it comes encased in. As with the aroma, the taste is of the cedar and spices when you first start. The second third has more of a coffee taste with a nice hint of nuts. The final third is a terrific finish of spices, cedar, nuts and coffee. It is a medium strength cigar with a mildly smooth and creamy finish. The draw has little resistance and produces a fair amount of smoke. Because of that, it tends to burn a bit fast. The ash holds together well, even into the second third of the cigar and the burn line is very thin. The draw is fairly easy during the pre-light and continues throughout the rest of the smoke.

The Camacho Liberty is a cigar series that the cigar aficionado looks forward to every summer. With this series being blended by Christian Eiroa himself, extra care and detail are taken with these cigars. It makes it a more expensive smoke, but well worth the luxury. You will be sure to enjoy this memorable cigar, no matter when or where you choose to indulge. Look for this quality cigar at your local Cigar Shop or your favorite online store.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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