Cigar: Camacho Legend-Ario

Wrapper:  Honduras                              Strength:  Medium

Filler:  Honduras                                    Origin:  Honduras

Binder:  Honduras 

Camacho Legend Ario CigarAs many cigar aficionados know, Camacho plays a significant role in the realm of cigar history.  This didn’t change with the release of the Camacho Lengend-Ario. This is a wonderful earthy flavored cigar that comes in three different sizes. It comes in Bertha- 6 inch x60 ring gauge, Figurado- 6x54 ring gauge and Toro- 6x50 ring gauge. It is a reasonably priced cigar as well, and a very welcomed addition to the Camacho cigar line.

The Camacho brand began in 1961, by Simon Camacho. Mr. Camacho was forced into exile from Cuba and fled to Florida.  He opened up his first factory in Miami producing cigars made from Central American provenance.  In 1995, after the death of Mr. Camacho, the Camacho factory was purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars, which is a company owned by the Eiroa Family. This brand grew to have an excellent reputation with many famous cigar aficionados well beyond its US borders.

The Camacho Legend-Ario has an earthy flavor throughout. It starts out with a bit of a pepper flavor and after about the first inch, the peppery taste blends into a sweet earthy flavor. The burn is fairly even and it produces a fair amount of smoke. The Camacho Legend-Ario feels rough to the touch but once you hold it, it has a very solid feel.  There are some soft spots, but not enough to effect the overall enjoyment of the cigar. The wrapper is dark and oily and is almost seamless with little to no veins present.  The pre-light draw has very little taste with just a hint of sweet tobacco. The best way to store your cigar is at room temperature in an air tight container. Make sure if you store it this way, to not store it too long because the tobacco can develop mold. Another good storage option is using a wooden humidor. The wood helps keep the right amount of moisture in the container.

As with many of the Camacho brand cigars, the Camacho Legend-Ario is still filled with all Honduran tobacco, and the finest authentic Corojo fillers. The tobacco is grown in the Jamastran Valley in Honduras. These cigars are known for their bold taste. They have even been compared to the full flavor of Cuban cigars. The Camacho cigar brand is one of the only cigars to use the Corojo fillers to make this fine cigar. That is something the Eiroa Family takes pride in.  When the cigars are packaged, they are placed into a hand assembled box containing cigars with identical color and texture. This is so the tobacco flavors will blend and strengthen.

All in all, the Camacho Legend-Ario is a great earthy flavored cigar with a pleasant creamy finish. It is a medium to full body cigar for an average price making cigar smoking reasonable for most connoisseurs. Take it out of your humidor and enjoy it at your next family celebration or after a fine dinner with your friends. Wherever you choose to indulge in this beauty, you are sure to enjoy it and will look forward to the next opportunity to savor this cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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