Camacho Havana Cigars

Camacho CigarsCamacho manufactures a truly fantastic cigar, fully aged, and characterized by a distinctive flavor.  Cigar aficionados from around the world highly value Camacho blends—especially the Camacho Havana.  

They are completely handmade from select, vintage tobaccos grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras-- a region where ideal soil and near-perfect climate is comparable to Cuba`s renowned Vuelto Abajo Region. 

Camacho Havana Cigars are characterized by a medium to full body strength.  Admittedly, they are a more powerful blend than those typically intended for beginning smokers.  Experienced aficionados, however, find the strength just right for the palate.  Many say, in fact, that this cigar is the closest thing to a Cuban cigar you can get without smoking a Cuban itself, or paying Cuban prices. 

The draw on a Camacho Havana gives you a little resistance in the beginning, but overall it is easy.  The slight resistance is there deliberately, in order to give you a good mouthful of white smoke that will immediately submerge your senses in the full essence of the flavor.  As you reach the last one-third of the cigar, you start to notice more resistance to the draw.  This keeps the palate moist all the way till the end of the smoke.

Comacho Havana cigars have a very complex flavor.  The taste is very strong and spicy—just like old Havana blends.  You will also notice hints of cedar and oak, and a distinct flavor of honey.   

Indeed, this is not only a premium cigar, but it is one of the most popular brands in the cigar world.  These cigars are hand rolled and are constantly in high demand.   

The Camacho Havana is available in five different blends.  Each blend offers the aficionado something distinguished and unique.   


The Camacho Churchill is an oily, cuadradro box-pressed cigar.  It can be recognized by a medium body and lots of thick smoke.  


The Camacho Figurado is characterized by hints of leather, steel, and chocolate.  It is a rich, thick, chewy blend. 


The Camacho Gigante is yet another rich, strong, spicy-tasting blend that has a good peppery finish.


The Comacho Monarca starts out leathery, and then turns to chocolate toward the one-third mark.  As you reach the final third, you start to notice distinguishable tastes of pepper. 


The Camacho Toro is highly regarded as a rich, creamy, and flavorful smoke.

All five of these blends are rated about as highly as any cigar can be.  Not long ago, in fact, a blind taste test was held Comacho Havana cigars and three notable Cuban brands.  The Camacho’s won 11 times on the basis of their power, body, and flavor.  Aficionados attribute a great deal of their decisions to the Corojo filler and binder. 

The Corojo filler and binder are Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Honduras.  The wrapper is a Jamastran Criollo wrapper, also Honduran in origin.  In spite of all their superior qualities, these cigars are quite affordable.  They typically sell for less than half the money of some of their very best Honduran equivalents.    

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POSTED ON Oct 15, 2017