Cigar: Camacho Havana

Origin: Danli, Honduras                                     Wrapper: Habano Criollo

Binder: Honduran Authentic  Corojo                    Filler: Honduran Authentic Corojo

Strength: Medium to Full                                   Flavor: Full


Sizes: H1/H2/H3, Gigante, Figurado, Churchill, Toro, Cetros, Monarca, Nacionales, Diadermas, Petit

Camacho Havana CigarsCamacho Havana cigars are made solely with carefully aged tobaccos grown in Honduras. They have actually been preferred over three well-known Cuban cigars in a blind test by 11 of 14 cigar aficionados on the basis of their power, body, and flavor. Though the brand originated in the 1960s and was first produced in Nicaragua, the Eiroa family has moved production of the Camacho Havana line to the Jamastran Valley of Honduras where the fecund soil and near-perfect tobacco-growing climate are comparable to Cuba’s famous Vuelta Abajo Region. The Havana line begins with the Eiroas’ Authentic Corojo blend and mellows it a bit with the addition of Honduran Habano Criollo (“Criollo” means “native” in Spanish) wrapper also grown by the Eiroas in the Jamastran Valley.

An oily mottled brown, almost leathery, color ranging from light to medium brown characterizes the Criollo wrapper. Though it has a fairly dry appearance with moderately prominent veins, the Camacho Havana cigar has a firm feel when pinched and springs back nicely afterward. An anticipatory pre-light draw was easy with a perfectly light resistance with the taste of sweet things to come. The aroma of the unlighted cigar was that of sweetly rich-smelling tobacco with a touch of spice. The band has the familiar Camacho logo in yellow on a gold background—a nice complement to the leathery good looks of the wrapper.

The slight resistance noticed in the pre-light draw continues after lighting, providing a mouthful of white smoke that instantly pervades your senses with the strong and spicy Cuban-like taste and aroma that the Camacho Havana cigars are rightly famous for. An increase in the resistance in the final third of this fine cigar helps to keep the palate moist all the way through to the end. Best of all, the aroma is even pleasant to non-smokers—so you will no longer have to take the dog for a walk in order to enjoy the “Good Life” with one of these at home.

Camacho Havana cigars are so ideally balanced that the flavor offers aficionados the complexity they love to lose themselves in. Similar to the old Havana blends actually blended in Cuba, the flavor is strong and spicy. Depending on the size of the vitola and amount of filler and binder relative to the Criollo wrapper the multi-layered flavors include the delicious notes and nuances of pepper, leather, honey, oak, earth, steel, and chocolate in various stages and amounts complimented by a lovely encompassing sweetness. As one would expect of a Camacho cigar made with Authentic Corojo, the flavors are rich and creamy—altogether enjoyable!

The medium to full-bodied splendor of these cigars are more powerful than most novices can enjoy, however experienced cigar enthusiasts will find the strength to be just about perfect as the taste test revealed. Though they retail for far less than their very best Honduran and Cuban equivalents, the hand-rolled premium Camacho Havana cigars are highly recommended in the best way possible: they are one of the most popular brands in the cigar world.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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