“These Aren’t Grandpa’s Cigars!”

Camacho Criollo Cigars aren't Grandpa's cigars: New Name,& Blend. Same High QualityAs the Camacho brand of cigars undergoes a major facelift, Camacho Criollo cigars - or Camacho Havanas, as they used to be known - are not immune to change.


Earlier this year, the reputed Honduran brand announced an overhaul of enormous proportions, beginning with redesigned labels and packaging, and ending with a series of revamped blends. In the midst of this reconstruction, five of the previously eleven lines produced under the brand were eliminated. Only six are left: Corojo, Corojo Maduro, Connecticut, Triple Maduro, Diploma, and Criollo. All but the Triple Maduro have been reformulated, and only one type – the former Havana, now Camacho Criollo cigars – received a new name.


The new Camacho Criollo cigars differ from the old Havana version primarily in the type of filler. While the traditional Havana featured exclusively Honduran filler, the new line is blended with Dominican Piloto Cubano. The stogie now also boasts a fourth Honduran priming wrapper, compared to the previous count of three. Reviewers of the new line already marvel at the stogies’ remarkable resemblance to fine Cuban tobacco products, thus carrying on the brand’s legendary claim that its smokes rival the best of Cuban origin.


The revamped line of cigars is designed to appeal to the newer American consumer. Affordably priced and featuring bright-colored bands (a bold yellow in the case of the Criollos) with a black scorpion design, the brand appears to pursue new heights in the realm of pop culture and plays on the associated coolness factor. The brand’s website engages visitors with hip slogans and Generation X/Y lingo.


The news of a brand revival is met with mixed reactions. Long-time fans seem to feel nostalgic and regret the end of a classic era, while younger smokers appear to embrace and encourage the changes. The new product line is marketed with the tag line, “These aren’t grandpa’s cigars,” actively distinguishing itself from classic products, traditional methods, and old-fashioned perceptions.


Smokers describe the new Criollo line as “worthy of the Camacho name,” noting the product features a flavorful and complex profile, thanks to the unique wrapper-filler combo. The result is said to be a peppery, spicy flavor underlined with a subtle sweetness. This smoke is considered toned down somewhat in strength and intensity compared to its Havana predecessor, but never at the expense of flavor and boldness. Some reviewers note the new stogie is relatively loosely wrapped and features a nice, easy draw.


Camacho Criollo cigars are available in the classic Churchill, the bullet-shaped Figurado, the Gigante, the Robusto, and the Toro formats.

  • Churchill: 48x7

  • Figurado: 54x42x6 1/8

  • Gigante: 54x6 ½

  • Robusto: 50x5

  • Toro: 50x6

These new revisions have certainly succeeded in capturing the attention of connoisseurs. With its newer blend of tobaccos, and new labeling design, it has become quite the hit among the crowd it was designed for. Aficionados that prefer the traditional sticks are also enjoying these new improvements. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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