Camacho Corojo cigars have been named on the world’s “Top 25 Cigars”Camacho Corojo cigars are a superior breed of tobacco founded by Simon Camacho in 1961. This brand of smoking product was originally based out of Danli, Honduras, but is now making its successful career out of Miami, Florida. They are completely hand made from vintage tobaccos bringing out a unique and distinctive flavor. The term Corojo refers to the seed variety created initially by the Rodriguez family on a tobacco plantation in Pinar del Rio.


The tobacco is grown in Honduras in an area known as the Jamastran Valley. The rich soil and warm climate are ideal for growing tobacco for such a fine cigar. The yearly production of this product can be limited creating a real sense of luxury when a customer owns this type of smoke.


Camacho Corojo cigars come in many different sizes ranging from 5”x50 to 7”x48 and almost every size in between. They also come in both the premium and ultra-premium Camacho brands. This gives a customer a wide range to choose from so every need and want can be met. Camacho Corojo cigars were named on the world’s “Top 25 Cigars”, leaving no doubt in a customer’s mind how good this type of smoking brand may be.


Reviewers stated that Camacho Corojo cigars are similar to a single-malt scotch, overwhelming at first, but are packed with a flavor and aroma like no other tobacco. Once acquired, the more a person smokes it, the more that person will want it. Reviewers also stated that this brand gives a very relaxing smoking experience from the tip of the cheroot all the way down to the nub. Many reviewers give these smokes two thumbs up.


Many acclaimed smokers stated that this cigar is beautiful, smooth, full of flavor, with great draw, and great tasting smoke. The thick smoke starts out peppery and earthy, but eventually levels out to a smoke that hints at mocha, raisins, toast, and dark chocolate. Not only is the taste itself a masterpiece, but even the presentation is superb. Beautiful color, texture, and feel to the wrapping create a masterful flawless construction.


Long term users state that the taste, scent, and feel of Camacho is just as good now as it was when they first smoked it. The quality and texture of each puff just increases the satisfaction of smoking the same type of brand for many years. The intensity of each draw creates a feeling of relaxation that any smoker would wish to have. The taste, though harsh at first, soothes out into a rich intoxicating flavor of rum raisin, nutmeg, cocoa, and dark roast chocolate. Though the taste may be slightly different for each smoker, the general consensus shows that the delicious flavor seeps all the way through the body leaving the smoker blissfully happy.


Camacho Corojo cigars come in a variety of packing styles. Purchasing can be done in single forms or in box style. Boxes come in sets of five, ten, twenty, twenty one or twenty five depending on which brand a customer wishes to order.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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