Cigar: Camacho Connecticut  

Wrapper: Connecticut (Ecuadorian Shade)                     Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras, Dominican                                          Strength: Mild to Medium

Sizes: Monarca, Toro, Churchill, Figurado, 11/18, and 60/6 vitolas

Camacho Conneticut CigarsThe fairly new Camacho Connecticut line is the latest in new beginnings experienced by the Camacho brand since its early beginnings when Simon Camacho founded it in 1961. Released in May of 2009, this is a double-first for Camacho and the Eiroas: it is their first Connecticut-wrapped blend, and it is their first mild to medium-bodied cigar. With a renowned repertoire of full-bodied, full flavor big boy cigars with lots of spice, they set out to produce a well-balanced cigar with the signature Camacho body in a spicy yet milder Connecticut wrapper--as full of spice and flavor as they could make it. The reviews have been mixed, but considering the niche palate Camacho cigars usually appeal to, that was to be expected.

The Eiroa family has taken a mix of the finest Honduran binder, which securely holds the Dominican and Honduran fillers and wrapped it in a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf in order to moderate the strength, spice, and punch of their regular line. Though the Camacho Connecticut is offered in six vitolas of differing sizes, Camacho’s president, Christian Eiroa is on the record as preferring the Monarca (robusto) vitola arguing that it is the proper girth to allow the blend to develop.

Smooth and elegant, the golden brown Connecticut wrapper is a beautiful covering for a cigar that has a superb flavor profile bursting with the notes that are woodsy, creamy, nutty, and a toned down Camacho spiciness. Unlighted the Camacho Connecticut offers a pleasing nutty scent with the surprising zest of citrus at the foot. The classic Camacho label has yellow etching on a white background with the words “Tabaco Jamastran” written on the side.

Upon inspection the cold draw provides a hint of the citrus that was previously detailed. After lighting, the tight but smooth draw, with just the right amount of resistance produces billowing clouds of creamy aromatic smoke. The burn on the Camacho Connecticut was tremendously steady, self-correcting a few insignificant times. The ash was a strong and slightly striated pattern that was light gray in color. Overall this cigar burns and exhibits the draw and ash one expects of a well-rolled and well-constructed cigar.

A creamy Connecticut cigar with masses of flavor describes the Camacho Connecticut perfectly. Creamy, spicy goodness with a foundation of cedar meanders their way through this smoke until a nutty flavor enters the fray leading up to the finish. Never marred by bitterness, this cigar is a mystical interlude whenever you smoke it.

Though it may never rate highly with those palates that prefer full-bodied strength, this Camacho is one of the nicest mild body Connecticut wrapped cigars available. Often compared to a Davidoff or Ashton Connecticut at a fraction of the cost assures that the Camacho Connecticut will become a staple of enthusiasts who prefer more subtlety and flavor with less brawn in their cigars. With its satisfying blend of mild and medium tobaccos, wonderfully abundant smoke, and good burn, the Camacho Connecticut is definitely a keeper in the humidor. For a full selection of Camacho Cigars please visit our Cigar Store online and see our full line of cigars and accessories.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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