Camacho Connecticut Cigars combine a spicy wrapper with a sweeter blend.Camacho Connecticut cigars are a unique stick from this brand, because this is the first Connecticut wrapper the company has used in their production. Released in 2009, it represents a step down in intensity compared to the brand’s other stogies. Unlike their fuller blends, this stick is a milder smoke that is better for casual settings. This wrapper often generates polarized feelings, but the company has managed to make it a stogie with widespread appeal. Its spicy wrapper complements nicely with some sweeter flavors in the filler.


This stick comes with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Honduran Corojo and fillers from Honduras and the Dominican. The Camacho Connecticut cigars are available in six formats, including Monarca (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), Figurado (6 x 54), 11/18 (6 x 56), 6x60 (6 x 60) and Churchill (7 x 48). The wrapper is medium brown and has a smooth, silky appearance. It is dry to the touch and comes with some significant heft. The band is white and gold and features the brand mark and the words “Tabaco Jamastran” stamped in gold lettering on a white background. The stogie features a strong triple cap and the pre-light draw is said to produce cool citrus notes.


The first third of the Camacho Connecticut cigars opens up with the same zesty citrus notes present on the pre-light. Cigar smoking reviewers found the citrus to be full of texture and complex. It changes subtly several times during this part of the stogie, though it always remains cool and fresh. There aren’t many other discernible notes in the first third, though aficionados consistently commented on its clean taste. It doesn’t leave any sour or harsh aftertaste on the palate and melds its flavors together well. The only other dominant taste in the profile is a nutty taste that sticks in the forefront with the citrus.


The second third of the stick switches to a roasted flavor that is merged with the nutty flavors. Some faint sweet tobacco notes are also present, along with a strong creamy taste. Reviewers mentioned that this creamy taste is also clean and comes through well. Every now and then, this part of the stogie delivers a burst of sweetness.


During the final third of the Camacho Connecticut cigars, the nutty taste asserts itself again and becomes the dominant flavor. The cream is also present and plays well off of the nutty notes. Some reviewers detected a bit of spice in the last third, but it is pretty faint. That’s unusual for this kind of wrapper, which is normally much spicier.


The burn and draw in this stick are considered its best attributes by many aficionados. It features a perfect draw and a burn that can be left alone. The Camacho Connecticut cigars got a lot of attention from reviewers for the amazing amount of smoke they produce. It is described as being both full and aromatic.


This stogie is a mild to medium blend, so it is a good bet for novices or people who want more flavor than nicotine. Those that do prefer a gentler, sweeter stick will find a lot to like with this take on the Connecticut.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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