Cain Nub CigarsIf you found yourself enjoying the Cain series of cigars, then you will absolutely fall in love with Cain Nub cigars as well. They, like others in this line, have a straight ligero blend of triple-fermented fillers, and they are handmade in Nicaragua. When we say “straight ligero”, it means that is the top priming of the tobacco plant, and the triple fermenting process actually calms down the strength somewhat, releasing the maximum amount of flavor from the tobacco in the stick. This makes the Cain Nub cigar very interesting, to say the least.

Cain Nub cigars are expertly rolled, and they have no visible defects. They sport a very simple and elegant foot band. When the stick is first lit, the initial puff is sweet, with a peppery hint of flavor. The pure honey sweetness bursts forth during the second third of the smoking experience. The finish was just as awesome as the initial light, with all of the flavors blending together and enhancing one another, and the honey hue being in the background, as a base flavor. The peppery and spice notes mix well together, and with the smoke billowing overhead just dancing in the wind, makes this stick a very enjoyable one.

The overall draw on the Cain Nub cigar is great, while the ash was compact and very good. The burn seemed to stay pretty even, with not even one touch up, which is not normal for the majority of cigars. They are naturally oily and produce quite an attractive sheen, which makes for an easy burn. This is one to have readily available in your humidor, whether for a special occasion, or even for quiet time alone, embracing the anticipation of perfect solitude.

If you usually prefer a more mild smoke, then this series just may be one for you. Although the flavors are robust and full bodied, they are not harsh or bitter the way some would suspect. Beginning smokers enjoy this stick as much as the seasoned aficionados, mostly due to the fact it is a very smooth smoke, even though it is strong and robust to the taste. The honey sweetness is the flavor that captures the attention of the palate, and along with the other alluring flavors swirling around, keeps the focus on this cool little gem.

Cain Nub cigars will burn for at least an hour, so it is very important to take your time with them so you can enjoy the unique flavors to the absolute fullest. These hand rolled beauties have delectable aromas that burst forth with the amazing flavors, making them and enjoyable treat for anyone. They are made in the great Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua by highly skilled artisans. Take your time smoking this stick, and be sure to keep some in your humidor or cigar tube so you can share the enjoyment with your favorite smoking buddy. Remember that this series is a fabulous gift idea when that special occasion rises for the important people in your life.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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